Getting Quirky

What were the quirky/peculiar things that you noticed about yourself this year? In honor of the approaching 2015, name the top fifteen ones.

Yes, I am a quirky person. Some would take it a step further and call me a total dork, but I’m no longer bothered by it. It makes me feel light-hearted and a much more fun person to be around, and that’s what matters. 

1. I have days where I literally forget to eat either breakfast or lunch. It might be stress or having a busy day, but all the sudden I hear my stomach growling and go “wait a minute….that’s why.” 

2. I typically have nicknames for my closest friends and cousins; most of the time they’ve never heard me call them that, but I have them listed as that in my phone. And if somebody doesn’t have a nickname, I’ve picked out their celebrity look-alike: I have one friend that looks like Kenny Chesney and another who’s a cross between Bradley Cooper and John Krasinski. 

3. The song “Let It Go” (from Frozen) makes me cry a little bit. I have my days where I feel like Elsa….

4. I prefer FaceTime over talking on the phone with someone because it helps me to stay focused on the conversation. But if I absolutely have to, I will make an exception for the phone call. 

5. I can no longer sleep in past eight o’clock in the morning; my body won’t let me do it anymore. 

6. My friend made me an Iowa tie-blanket before I went to college, and most of the time I couldn’t fall asleep without it because it kept me from getting home sick. Now a days it helps me when I start to really miss Iowa. 

7. There are times where if I can’t give a person a hug, the least I will do is send them a nice little quote from Pinterest or one of those e-cards. I’m especially getting a kick out of those “daily odd compliments.” 

8. Speaking of closeness, if I’m sitting next to you and begin to gradually scoot next to you, don’t take it personally. Though normally if I don’t know you that well I’ll be fully aware of not to do it. 

9. I’ve slowed down when it comes to reading books; not because I’ve lost interest, but because there are some books that are so good and I just don’t want them to end. 

10. I still dance around the kitchen when no one else is home. And I still have specific music stations for certain things that I do (i.e. cleaning, cooking, working out, and getting dressed up). 

11. My go-to drinks usually involve flavored vodka and lemonade, Red’s Apple Ale (Angry Orchard is a good substitute), or Moscato.

12. I wake up to “Sunny and 75” almost every morning. That song just instantly makes me happy, especially when I don’t want to get up.

13. Watching sports is actually nerve-wracking, especially football!

14. I tend to get up super early in the morning when I have to go somewhere; these days it’s still pretty dark by then, so I have this habit of turning a lot of lights on so I’m not too skittish when I’m getting ready.

15. I’m typically always the one that’s early for things; it gives me time to relax (or prepare) if needed.

Do we have any in common? 

photo credit: Rachel.Adams via photopin cc

Words That Matter

December has always been a special time to me because of the holidays, but also because in that month (for the last four years) I’ve participated in a blogging challenge called Reverb. In the next thirty or so days, bloggers and writers look back and reflect on the last year, along with manifesting in the coming year ahead. While I’m not sure as to whether or not I’ll write every single day, I have no doubt that it’ll be deep, emotional, and vulnerable. Some of the prompts will be my own, while others from bloggers also taking part. Here we go!


What was your word for this year, and what word are you thinking of for the year to come? 

“I think ‘New Beginnings’ would be a good one for you,” suggested my best friend as we munched on Chicago deep dish pizza last New Years Eve. Cliche as it sounded, I wanted something simple that allowed me to approach 2014 with hope, but also with realistic expectations.After finding out many things about my family situation that left me pretty shaken up, I knew that I needed to somehow start over. It would take a while to genuinely feel like I had a clean slate in front of me, but I got there. And while those two words were appropriate due to being on the cusp of graduation and going out into the Real World, there was something else that more appropriate captured what this season has looked like for me: 


This year was a year of uncovering treasured aspects regarding who I am, both as a person and a woman. Some good, some difficult to swallow, some which I had buried underneath the facade of who I thought I should be, and some that had always remained despite trying to fight it off. I learned a lot about various relationships and how they work, particularly in regards to my family. There has been a lot of emotional unpacking and I could argue that I still have a ways to go, but I’ve come a long way and I thank God for it. 

And with that being said, this next word feels appropriate in every way possible: 


It’s amazing what can happen when you stop living in a bubble and start living out your own truth; when you stop listening to the noise of the world and embrace the best that God has for you. Don’t get me wrong, I loved college and still stick my by experiences that I had there. But where there is a culture, there is a way of doing things, and more so the pressure to stick to that way. I won’t go in depth about it right now, but most of it involved superficial interactions and ignoring real feelings.

As I’m transitioning out of that time in my life, it hit me that a lot of what we think we’re supposed to be doing at a certain age comes from someone else’s opinions. Yes there are those that try to bestow well-meaning advice, but a lot of it comes from the internet and popular how-to guides. I do what I can to take that stuff with a grain of salt, because one kind of experience doesn’t always equal a collective truth. There is being flexible and being willing to adapt, but it will turn out to be useless if it feels like betrayal in the process. 

What that word looks like in action, I’m still figuring out. I do know that I have a lot to give, goals to achieve, and a purpose to live by. I want to be better about loving and extending grace, both for other people and for myself. I’m no longer apologizing for what I once thought were flaws, but what I now recognize as gifts. And even though my history and upbringing have played a role in it, the only one that has kept me from that is me. 

I look forward to finishing out this year and seeing what the next one holds.

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