My Favorite Things

Day 16-Love

What are the things (or people, or animals) that you love the most?

Oh jeeze, I can easily come up with an incredibly long list when it comes to this particular topic. But there are only a few things that I love- meaning, I cannot see myself ever existing without, because it is such a large part of who I am as well as a part of my history. And it is in no particular order.

1. My Family-It wasn’t too long ago where I once believed that growing up meant moving away from your family, physically and emotionally. Little did I know just how much I would come to miss them and need them, especially this year. They have been the one constant thing in my life, and very much the reason why I am still standing today. As I’m trying my hardest not to cry and type at the same time, I hope they know how much I love and am grateful for each of them. Just as well are my friends, whom many have become my “second family” as I’ve gotten to know them. I am blessed to have all of them be a part of my life.

2. Disney-It was such a significant part of my childhood that at this point, it is pretty much just embedded in me. I have been to Disney World at least four times (which has convinced my Mom that I am going to get married there).  I’ve gone as every Disney princess for Halloween except Cinderella, Tinkerbell, and Repunzel. I nicknamed my prom dress from junior year my “Belle” dress, and I refuse to get rid of it. I have a  variety of stuffed animals, jewelry, pictures and movies related to the subject. Oh heck, I have a whole Pintrest board dedicated to it. I’ve been told that “it’s for a little kids” but you know what I say to that? If it wasn’t for adults, the entire company wouldn’t exist!

3. Hugging-I am just an extremely affectionate person; if I don’t get a hug at least every once in awhile, I start going nuts. The rest of my explanation is a whole separate post in itself.

4. The Beach-Between the beautiful water, the soft sand, the interesting-looking seashells…I might as well consider this a slice of heaven. Many will say it depends on where you go, which I is something that I strongly agree with. Regardless, I absolutely adore it, and have never felt more alive than from being in a natural body of water. My bedroom at home was recently redecorated into sort of a beach theme, so I have my own little “getaway” every time I come back from school.

5. Reading and Writing-I put both of these at the same type because they strongly go hand in hand. We would not be able to read things without people writing them. As much as it has been type-casted as a nerd hobby, I couldn’t live without books. Feel free to shut off the TV for any amount of time, but if I can’t read I might go so far as to break a few fingers. Writing is my form of self expression, and I feel blessed to be able to do what I do. I do understand now that I have a gift, and I intend not to waste any amount of it.

6. Coffee-I started drinking it when I was twelve and have not stopped since. Always with creamer and never black. I don’t know why it has become somewhat of a romantic concept to me, but perhaps its because coffee is so freaking delicious!  It’s the only liquid that I can drink slowly, and have began my own little collection of coffee cups. My last story that I wrote for my fiction class was actually based around the subject of coffee.

There are a ton of other sentiments, many which can be found in other posts on this blog. However, these are things that I believe sum up my personality the most, at least in a nutshell.