Not-So-Hidden Magic

I’ve always had a child-like heart, a natural attraction toward the simple things and stories of make-believe and whimsy and wonder. I’ve held on to my inner ten year old for close to thirteen years, as I debated on how to nourish her while still allowing myself to grow and mature at the same time. But this past year has made me realize how important that is, regardless if people think I’m crazy, or need to “grow up” in order to be taken seriously. 

I’m not going to pretend that I know the in’s and out’s of sports, because a lot of it goes right over my head. I get nervous watching certain games to the point where I’m pacing around the room and beating my fist into my palm because I’m not sure what else to do. But when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this past June, I literally felt like a little girl at Christmas; I was jumping up and down and giggling like crazy, forget the fact that I’m twenty-three years old. I do experience a sense of magic when I’m watching any Chicago sport, even if they’re losing or the team isn’t doing well at the time. My grandfather and I have started an official tradition of watching the games together, or sometimes I’ll go to a bar if I feel like it. Nothing really beats yelling and cheering at the TV though; aside from exercise, how else am I going to let all that aggression out? Not to mention that hockey players are actually pretty nice to look at. 

As a creative, I’m not sure how I forgot about coloring books. I heard about the ones geared toward adults a while ago, and bought my first one that was on sale at Barnes and Noble around Halloween. It’s really soothing to color while playing some kind of meditation or relaxation music in the background, and I need to put that into practice more often. 

I love affection, and I love people who feel the same way. This one is kind of self-explanatory….

The majority of my favorite childhood and family memories involve being near a body of water. When I went to South Carolina back in March, I hadn’t been the ocean since I was sixteen. Even though the water was too cold to swim in, it still gave me a sense of peace, and a little nostalgia along with it. 

I firmly believe that you can never be too old for Disney; I gladly went out and bought the Blue-ray combo pack of Aladdin after waiting what felt like a decade for it to be released again. I watched a special celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Toy Story with a glass of wine in hand and am currently geeking out of the anticipation of seeing the new Star Wars movie. My mom and I have a running joke that I’m going to get married at Disney World, and I will say that I’m a bit overdue for a trip. 


I still love listening to boy-bands on Pandora or Spotify, and the city of Chicago has become like a bit of a playground for me as I’ve visited different neighborhoods and met a ton of people in the process. I can still eat ice cream faster than anything that’s actually healthy. I kind of miss going to theme parks, even though riding roller-coasters tend to make me queasy now. 

It might look like a coping mechanism, but deep down these things are just part of who I am. When it comes down to it, embracing this side of myself is what makes me feel alive. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, especially that we now live in a world that becomes more dangerous and cynical with each passing day. Life is not having to choose between what’s beautiful and what’s reality, but a balance of the two. 

Someone once asked me what happened to the happy little girl that I used to be; I can now say with confidence that she’s re-emerging, albeit ever-so-slowly. I’m thankful for those who are willing to appreciate and celebrate such things without making me feel like an idiot or bad about it. And yes, any man who wants to be with me must be able to bring out that side of me as well, and honor it. 

If it’s now socially acceptable for kids to grow up too fast now a days, why can’t adults incorporate the other aspect into their daily lives? If it makes you light up, then it shouldn’t be ignored, regardless of how old you are. That kind of magic should not be hidden, because it’s the kind that teaches us how to fall in love with life.

Getting Quirky

What were the quirky/peculiar things that you noticed about yourself this year? In honor of the approaching 2015, name the top fifteen ones.

Yes, I am a quirky person. Some would take it a step further and call me a total dork, but I’m no longer bothered by it. It makes me feel light-hearted and a much more fun person to be around, and that’s what matters. 

1. I have days where I literally forget to eat either breakfast or lunch. It might be stress or having a busy day, but all the sudden I hear my stomach growling and go “wait a minute….that’s why.” 

2. I typically have nicknames for my closest friends and cousins; most of the time they’ve never heard me call them that, but I have them listed as that in my phone. And if somebody doesn’t have a nickname, I’ve picked out their celebrity look-alike: I have one friend that looks like Kenny Chesney and another who’s a cross between Bradley Cooper and John Krasinski. 

3. The song “Let It Go” (from Frozen) makes me cry a little bit. I have my days where I feel like Elsa….

4. I prefer FaceTime over talking on the phone with someone because it helps me to stay focused on the conversation. But if I absolutely have to, I will make an exception for the phone call. 

5. I can no longer sleep in past eight o’clock in the morning; my body won’t let me do it anymore. 

6. My friend made me an Iowa tie-blanket before I went to college, and most of the time I couldn’t fall asleep without it because it kept me from getting home sick. Now a days it helps me when I start to really miss Iowa. 

7. There are times where if I can’t give a person a hug, the least I will do is send them a nice little quote from Pinterest or one of those e-cards. I’m especially getting a kick out of those “daily odd compliments.” 

8. Speaking of closeness, if I’m sitting next to you and begin to gradually scoot next to you, don’t take it personally. Though normally if I don’t know you that well I’ll be fully aware of not to do it. 

9. I’ve slowed down when it comes to reading books; not because I’ve lost interest, but because there are some books that are so good and I just don’t want them to end. 

10. I still dance around the kitchen when no one else is home. And I still have specific music stations for certain things that I do (i.e. cleaning, cooking, working out, and getting dressed up). 

11. My go-to drinks usually involve flavored vodka and lemonade, Red’s Apple Ale (Angry Orchard is a good substitute), or Moscato.

12. I wake up to “Sunny and 75” almost every morning. That song just instantly makes me happy, especially when I don’t want to get up.

13. Watching sports is actually nerve-wracking, especially football!

14. I tend to get up super early in the morning when I have to go somewhere; these days it’s still pretty dark by then, so I have this habit of turning a lot of lights on so I’m not too skittish when I’m getting ready.

15. I’m typically always the one that’s early for things; it gives me time to relax (or prepare) if needed.

Do we have any in common? 

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Music Lovin’ Monday

Yes it is Valentine’s Day week; for many it brings joy, and others complete dread. I would like to share some of my personal favorite love songs, but in the hopes that it can remind people of how precious of a gift it really is. And most importantly, that you shouldn’t have to depend on a holiday to let someone know how much you love and care about them! 

Making Memories of Us-Keith Urban

Just The Way You Are-Billy Joel

I kind of want this song played at my wedding…it’s so simple, yet beautiful

Love Me Tender-Elvis Presley

-Cliche? Sure. But it’s short and sweet and still makes me cry. Whenever I hear it I think of my grandparents on both sides. 

Mirrors-Justin Timberlake 

Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton

I See The Light (from Tangled)-Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
-It’s a Disney song, and I absolutely love it

There are so many others, a mixture of both classics and modern hits that either I couldn’t find  or feared making this post too long! Other mentions include “Everything I Do” (Celtic Thunder…I like their version as opposed to Bryan Adams), “Maybe I’m Amazed” (Paul McCartney and Wings), “Drowning” (The Backstreet Boys), and “A Whole New World” (from Aladdin).

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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All music can be found on Youtube!

22 Quirks

In honor of having just celebrated my twenty-second birthday, I thought I would hold off on a reflective post for a bit and just talk about the small things that I’ve learned about myself over the years. They range from cute to roll-your-eyes type stuff. But I can’t say that I really apologize for any of it. It’s part of my personality!

(My friend used her lighter because we forgot candles. Cheesy, but it worked!)

1. I have quite a few coffee mugs, two of which are designated for Saturday and Sunday. They’re both huge, but one is cherry red and the other has a Minnie Mouse design on it. I can’t drink out of any other coffee cups on those days unless I’m out of town. If I do, I feel extremely weird. 

2. My choice of Pandora stations depends on my mood or what I’m doing. I like easy listening for when I’m cooking, Billy Joel or Classic Rock for when I’m cleaning, and anything from 90’s boy-bands to Country to Disney songs when I’m getting ready to go somewhere. 

3. Ask me when, where, and how we met and I’m sure I can give you a pretty accurate description. 

4. I’ve been somewhat crazy about having a fully charged phone and enough money in my bank account at all times. The idea of having a dead phone battery when possibly needing to get a hold of somebody makes me cringe. 

5. I enjoy taking my time when getting ready in the morning or going out at night. It’s sad that as a culture, people always feel so rushed. 

6. I get really excited/anxious/angry when I watch sports (mostly football and basketball). Some say I just follow the reactions of others, but I have a pretty good idea as far as what’s going on. 

7. Touching dirty dishes (or washing by hand) is gross. On the other side of the coin, doing laundry is kind of fun. 

8. Whenever I go out, I’m always dancing; whether it’s mild like bobbing my head or my knees while at a table, or letting loose on an actual dance floor, I just move. And I love it. 

9. Speaking of dancing, I absolutely have to whenever Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and others come on a set of speakers. Luke Bryan in particular has been on my college bucket list (because they hardly play country music in the downtown bars or nightclubs), and I finally crossed that off a couple of weeks ago. 

10. I’m not a fan of beards; a little scruff is OK, but anything else is not attractive, nor does it feel good against my face. I may be touch-oriented, but I’m also touch sensitive.

11. Pizza rolls and Oreo cookies (with milk) have been my go-to snacks since childhood. 

12. The temperature in my apartment (or bedroom) has to be insanely warm, otherwise I can’t sleep or even relax. 

13. I have three distinct giggles: one for when I’m really happy, one for when I think something is hysterical, and one when it’s not funny but I’m just trying to humor the other person.

14. Naturally, I’m just not a big eater, meaning I can’t sit and gorge on a bag of chips all the day. 

15. The concept of sleeping in is almost non-existent for me, unless I’m down right exhausted. 

16. I have a lot of habits that involve my hands when I’m nervous. 

17. If people come over to my apartment and for whatever reason it’s not clean, I automatically apologize for it. 

18. My neighbors made me a Hawkeye-themed tie blanket before I left for college. Since then I’ve kept it with me every night (that’s the long-hand version for “yep, I have a ‘blanky’ “).

19. I have a hard time remembering names but I can easily recognize faces; that’s actually how I met one of my closest friends. 

20. When I’m sitting on a couch or next to a person, it’s somewhat second nature to scoot just a little too close next to them. So if I do that to you, don’t take it personally. But that being said, I also love cuddling or leaning up against somebody, even if it’s just platonic. 

21.If you see me walking around campus with a HUGE smile on my face, I’m either day-dreaming or just really happy!

22. I’m better at being sarcastic in my head than I am out loud. I do enjoy teasing people in the nicest way possible, depending on who it is.

There are many more, but that’s enough for now!

On Quiet Places and Togetherness


The way we nourish ourselves determines our ability to shine a light in the world; And nourishment doesn’t just come in the form of food and drink and sunshine. It’s equally important to nourish your spirit. What made you feel nourished this year? (Prompt credit: Kat McNally

2013 was definitely a year of being spiritually thirsty; I was still struggling over the concept of faith and having God in my life, and what that meant. For anyone that has ever questioned their beliefs, living in the age of technology can make the journey even more perplexing. Instead of just books or sermons, there are now tweets, personal blogs, and podcasts dissecting every Biblical or spiritual topic imaginable. The constant what-if scenarios can drive any person crazy. And I realized that maybe that was the problem; I needed to stop enveloping myself in all the fluff and get back to the basics, specifically with prayer and having quiet time again. 

When my friend passed away earlier this summer, I was in agony. I felt like I didn’t have very many people to lean on at the time because it seemed like hardly anyone around me wanted to acknowledge the situation, let alone talk about it. I was never taught how to deal with death as a child/teenager, particularly when it’s sudden and unexpected. Subconsciously, I understood that my faith (however much or little) was the only substantial thing I had to cope. While it might have seemed typical that I was only turning to God when life became nearly impossible, it was also the beginning of an understanding and a sense of peace that I’d been longing to feel for several years. 

It didn’t happen right away; in the days following the accident, I was numb and kept thinking that this all was just a nightmare. How do I pray? What do I even pray about? Memorizing Bible verses and relying on cliche Christian phrases felt like using band-aids and Neosporin. I needed to grieve. I needed to allow myself to hurt. But there was little to no room for that in the time that I was at home, at least that’s how I interpreted what I was being told.

Going back to my apartment was like army-crawling out of a minefield, but slowly I got a grip and began to develop a routine. Mornings were spent writing in my journal or reading a passage in my Bible. Sometimes I played meditation music in the background. Sometimes I prayed out loud. And other times I simply wept and could only ask God to hear what was on my heart because I couldn’t articulate my thoughts. I went to church every so often, but there are some things about church that still make me anxious and fidgety, but that is for another time. 

Despite the frustration and uncertainty of that time (my writing gig and main reason I had stayed at school for the summer was constantly up in the air) I appreciated being able to meet with God wherever I felt safe and comfortable. It did not make the pain go away, but gave me a way to process it. It did not make everything better, but it did give me some clarity. For once, I was not measuring my faith based on a sermon or whatever was going on around me; I was looking inward. 

And as scary as it is, nourishment has also come from being vulnerable; there are quite a few people that I’ve become incredibly close to this year because I was willing to be open with them about a lot of things. It was hard because I hadn’t done it in such a long time, at least without feeling rushed, like I had to put it all out there in a month of meeting them. I took my time and was careful that I letting them in for the right reasons, which is where I learned a lot about connection versus attachment. Attachment is where two people become close rather quickly, and more so that they do so in hopes that the relationship will be the solution to either one or both persons’ problems. Connection takes its time; it can be instant, sure, but you don’t truly get to know a person within a day or so. I’m fascinated by people and think it’s great when you can still learn about them, even after you’ve known each other for a while. 

Not only has it helped me deepen relationships, but it’s opened my eyes to one of my biggest struggles: the struggle of being able to say “I need you.” However, that is also for another post down the road.

But that’s how nourishment works; you keep watering/feeding yourself, and hopefully it becomes second nature. When your nurture yourself (and allow others to nurture you) you begin to no longer make decisions out of fear, but of love and faith.

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Let’s Try Something New

New Things 

Was there something new that you tried in 2013? What was it? How did it make you feel? (prompt credit: Paper Relics

In all my years I never predicted that I would come to love cooking as much as I have. Aside from baking, it didn’t seem like my parents or family members really enjoyed it, like it was more a necessity rather than something fun. The fact that it was always done against a clock (meaning there were times were there was a lot of rushing around) made me dread it for a couple of years. I didn’t start seriously getting into it until I moved into an apartment on my own junior year, where I had my own space and it was much bigger. I think the first meal I ever made in it was sauted fajita meat, (microwaved) mashed potatoes, and a side of vegetables. It wasn’t huge, but it was a start.

Though a lot of what I make for dinner or lunch is already pre-made (I love those frozen Bertoli skillets; they take all of ten minutes and I usually have enough for a second meal), I love the creativity that goes into it. And the more I do it, the more confident I become in my abilities. It’s definitely more enjoyable when I put music on in the background; right now my go-to playlists on Pandora are the easy-listening and George Strait stations. Depending on what song is on, cooking can turn into a spiritual, almost romantic experience. Again, it’s in the beauty of creation, which is more true when I’m cooking for other people. There’s nothing like sharing a meal over a glass of wine with your closest friends, even if it isn’t from scratch. 

That’s not to say that I haven’t or don’t want to attempt at personal creations. A couple of months back I (tried) making chicken prosciutto pasta; it was a lot of fun, but the sauce came out a little gooey so I’m wondering if I should try substituting heavy whipping cream for something else, or use a different brand of cheese. I would love to learn how to make my Dad’s chili or get the recipes for my paternal grandmother’s chicken and noodles and beef stew. Those aside, I love coming up with my own stuff; I just have to remember to actually write it down! 

One of the best things is that there is always something new to learn; sometimes it’s as simple as heating sauce on the stove as opposed to a microwave, or using different pans or seasonings or in order to give meat a little more flavor. I’m still not the best at making rice or grilled cheese, admittedly. 

Despite past associations, I hope that cooking is something that I will continue to love and get better at as time goes on. I don’t buy the whole “women belong in the kitchen” garbage (or whatever variation people use) and would like it to be something that my significant other and I can do together when that time comes. On a practical note, I do tend to need help with taking things out of the oven, lifting heavy pots/pans, and even chopping. So if the guy doesn’t want to eat burnt pizza and before eight o’clock at night, he’s going to have to lend a hand! And I say that with love and humor, if nothing else. 

What about you? Do you have any off-the-wall tips for cooking? What are your favorite recipes?

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Life Lately: In Seasons

It’s no secret that over the last couple of years, fall/autumn has become one of my favorite times of the year. While nature begins to slowly change and the air starts to chill, it’s also a time where I feel incredibly close to the people around me. I’ve taken to calling in the “wrapped in a warm blanket” type feeling. Everything is just warm and cozy and comfortable.

These special (and somewhat sentimental) occasions are what keep me sane when the homework load gets heavy, or I experience a bout of senioritis like an overnight flu bug. My friends and I have celebrated a plethora of birthdays, went to an orchard/pumpkin farm and indulged in everything relating to pumpkins and apples (with a semi-photo shoot to boot), cried over the Cory Montieth tribute while watching Glee, and other memories that seem insignificant to the rest of the world. However, they mean the world to me.

As I look back on the fall season as a whole, I’ve noticed that it’s when a lot of wonderful, crazy, and even life changing events have taken place. In the span of four or five years, I’ve met and found many of my closest friends, grew deeper in my faith, and learned how to deal with painful aspects of my history. And it suddenly occured to me that while some seasons are better than others, life truly does happen in seasons of love. 

It’s not always deep conversations over wine or hot chocolate. Schedules are hectic, and there are weeks and days where prayer requests and “thinking of you” via text takes the place of bear hugs and face-to-face interaction. While I do believe in not letting to-do list’s and school work dominate quality time, I’m beginning to understand the other side of the coin: it’s not a matter of whether or not you want to, but whether or not you can without reaching the point of exhaustion. Right now I’m walking a thin line of packing so much in all at once. It’s frustrating because on one hand I feel like I’m on a race against time, trying to make the most of every moment before it all runs out. On the other, that’s all you really can do; appreciate the time you do get with people, even if it’s small and insignificant when it’s happening. 

That’s where I’ve learned to appreciate random run-in’s, where all you can do is exchange a hug and “how are you?” that lasts all of five minutes before you have to go to class or run to catch up with whomever. That’s where I’ve not learned not to focus on what place somebody has in my life or try to be best friends when every person that I know. I’m not going to obsess over who has treated me right and who hasn’t. It’s just not worth the energy, especially now. 

Leaves turn. Things happen. Don’t just measure good by what you have or what you can give, but how you grow.

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It’s amazing how much my mood changes when the sun is out, when I’m not all bundled up to the point where I’m fogging up my glasses. It’s not just baseball season, it’s walking season.

(image credit: Pinterest

It’s like I can finally breathe again; I’m no longer confined to layers upon layers of clothing, nor does my head have to be kept down in wanting to guard itself from the wind. Slowly inhaling gulps of spring scented air, I begin my trek up the slightly angled sidewalk toward my destination.

Since I’ve been a college student, leisure walks have taken the place of mornings and afternoons spent on my backward swing set; it’s my one of my escapes from the world, a getaway from chores and things that are crying out to get done. I have a strong preference for walking over running; I don’t trip as much, and it allows me more opportunities to take everything in. 

Yes, I’ve been here almost three years and I still look around in awe, amazed that I’m actually here and that I’ve come so far. It didn’t seem all too long ago that I was a dumbstruck eighteen year old, thinking that this place was utterly huge and intimidating to navigate. I’m still terrible with directions, but I can tell you where to go based on various landmarks. 

I go past the local Starbucks, a yoga studio and a super fancy restaurant that serves all these weird looking food platters. Making a right, I now stand in what some call the heart of campus, or at least the night life scene. It’s pretty much a mixture of bars and eateries, but some have more sentimental memories than others. On one side is a popular hang out where I had my very first kiss, and on the other is a nightclub where I managed to find myself in some pretty interesting situations. Apparently I’m quite the dancer in both establishments. For whatever reason, they like to party like it’s still the 90’s, but you can’t get them to play Luke Bryan. I don’t get it. 

But it’s not just about the craziness and whatever happens as a result. Some of the most meaningful moments and conversations have taken place around here. I became best friends with someone through getting coffee on several Friday afternoons. A few doors down I celebrated my twenty-first birthday, where I can still recall receiving one of the best hugs I’ve gotten in a long time

The majority of the memories that I hold in my heart weren’t (and still aren’t) planned or expected. Yet, that’s what makes them so incredibly beautiful. Subconsciously, I know that certain things may not happen again for a long time, or maybe ever. So I savor whatever is happening; moments where in context it doesn’t come across as a big deal, yet it still means the world to me. I take snapshots in my mind: from the music that plays through the speakers to the people I run into, I manage to remember it all. 

It was through those moments that I’ve learned to be present and live with an open heart. To not worry about what comes afterward or who’s looking at me. I just take it in, and remind myself that the only regrets worth having are when you don’t learn a lesson or have a story to tell because of it. 

I begin to take the usual route back to my apartment, where papers need to be written, chapters need to be read, and productivity is a definite must. That all too-often sense of being overwhelemed washes over me, but with it comes an oh-so gentle reminder that never fails to give me goosebumps: cherish this. 

Usually that’s the kick-start to an emotional tug of war; I frequently get stuck between knowing that I’m blessed with more than I deserve, while at the same time feeling pulled down by the undertow of both short term and long term stresses. It’s that whole “well there’s always someone out there who has it worse” while believing that I could, and want to be in a much better place than I am currently. 

It’s draining and exhausting; above all else, it doesn’t work. 

The thing is, you don’t have to choose a side. I used to believe that you either had to be really happy or really pissed off, and those can be umbrella terms for a lot of other matters. You don’t necessarily have to be for something or against it. What I’m trying to say is that there are days where you’re going to feel on top of the world, and days where you’re going to feel like you’re being crushed by it. The trick is ultimately knowing when to let go instead of dwelling on what you can’t change or control. 

Before turning the corner, I look back and survey the scene before me: people grazing on sushi or sandwiches in one of the nearby cafes. Children laughing and playing on the little playground in front of the public library. Men and women of all ages relaxing on various benches, contemplating life and appreciating the sunshine. This is what I know as of today: everyone has their own share of crap they have to deal with and their own pain they have to heal from. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any joy or hope. Life is hard, but God is still good.

Reflections like these are what make my walks similar to therapy;  in some ways, they’re even more clarifying than sitting in a room full of people and going on about whatever I’m struggling with. I’m not venting and rehashing out the same stuff; I’m observing what’s around me and learning from it. Sometimes it’s good to put a little distance from a to-do list because it gives you the ability to rest and approach in a healthier way later on. 

And the best part? You never know who you might run into, or what adventure you might embark on next!

Country Calling

Day 10-Music

What were some of your favorite songs to listen to?

I’m a big fan of music, and this year provided a lot of great artists to be interested in. However, the one genre I felt drawn to the most was country music. A part of me has always loved it; I grew up dabbling into Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, and Faith Hill as a child. I drifted away from it for a while, but in recent years have grown tired of the typical “get drunk and get laid” party anthem motif that is frequently attached to most pop/rap music these days. 

And while country has its share of partying and beer drinking, it’s more often then not the less obvious message that the singer or band is trying to present. It has a story.More so, it touches on the simple and important things, such as faith and family. 

It comes across as unpopular among a lot of people that I know. Then again, if it was as bad as some make it out to be, I don’t think it would have multiple separate award shows. 

I listened to a lot of it this year, and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Not everything is recent, a few artists/songs go back a few decades. 

Luke Bryan
Country Girl (Shake it for me)—> I put this on my top five favorite songs of all time!
Drunk on You
I Don’t Want This Night To End
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Keith Urban
Making Memories Of Us
Someone Like You
Sweet Thing
You’re Gonna Fly
Kiss A Girl
Days Go By
….and a lot more!

Hunter Hayes
Wanted (currently my favorite!)
Love Makes Me
Storm Warning

Blake Shelton
God Gave Me You
All About Tonight
Hillbilly Bone

Jason Aldean
My Kinda Party
Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Kelly Clarkson)
The Only Way I Know
Crazy Town
Dirt Road Anthem 

Lady Antebellum 
Own The Night
Need You Now
Our Kind of Love
I Run To You
Dancing Away With My Heart

Kenny Chesney 
Come Over
Rockstar (with Tim McGraw)
Beer In Mexico
Somewhere With You
You and Tequila
When The Sun Goes Down

Brad Paisley 
This Is Country Music
Southern Comfort Zone
She’s Everything

Little Big Town

Josh Turner
Time Is Love
Why Don’t We Just Dance

Dierks Bentley
Come A Little Closer
What was I Thinkin’ 

Carrie Underwood 
Blown Away
All American Girl
Jesus Take The Wheel
Cowboy Casanova

Tim McGraw
Live Like You Were Dying
When The Stars Go Blue
Truck Yeah
It’s Your Love
Southern Voice
Fly Away
I Like it, I Love it

And you can’t forget the classics….

Johnny Cash
I Walk The Line
Ring Of Fire
Ghost Riders

There are so many more I could name! But instead of going on endlessly, I say go over to I-tunes and do a little listening for yourself. Maybe your parents or grandparents have old CD’s or records collecting dust and could be put to good use. 

For those that already love country music, what are some of your favorites? For those that are perhaps just discovering it, what have you been listening to so far?


This poem was inspired a by a conversation that I had with a relative a while back; we have very different personalities, and nine times out of ten don’t agree on the same things. But lately, it has made me think about the concept of wanting something, or multiple things. This is my response to that conversation.


A hot summer day
We drive with the glare of the sun beating down
He turns to me, like so many times before
Switches the radio down and begins to lecture me about life
Some things never change
He tells me, “you want far too much than you can ever have”
“You don’t know how to be grateful”
“You’re materialistic”
“These dreams and wishes of yours might never come to pass”
Meanwhile, my head is pressed against the window
Staring out at the sky, I pretend that I hear him
Yet, I’m only trying to let it go in one ear and out the other
On the inside, his words light a fire in my heart
That leads to defense in my mind
Although gratitude was hardly ever my strong suit, I’m taking a step back
And recognizing what’s important
Why is everything considered unrealistic?
Nothing is ever easy to come by anymore
I’m a dreamer, you know
If I am determined to achieve something, it propels me
Like a warrior, I don’t allow any obstacle to keep me from fighting
On the other side, If I’m not ready or it does not feel right
No one but the will of God can make me move
So don’t try to convince me otherwise
What is so wrong with asking?
What is the harm in believing you’re capable of more than what is expected of you?
Then again, not many walk in my shoes
Or understand the frustration that comes with working to achieve a goal
But not knowing how
Perhaps our desires, our hopes, our dreams are not about gaining anything
But experiencing peace and clarity
The freedom to move forward
To do what we feel is right
So before you accuse someone of wanting too much
Before you try and tell them that they’re never satisfied
Sit down and really listen to what they’re saying
Perhaps the question is not, “what do you want?”
But rather, “why?”