I’ve been a story-teller since I could talk, but have been writing at the intersection of faith, culture, and life for over a decade. Illinois born and raised, I often split time between the suburbs and the city, spending as much time as possible connecting with friends and family. They’re what inspire me to do what I do, and it often acts as a bridge when life gets busy.

When I’m not investing in relationships, I enjoy watching movies, cooking, working out, exploring new places, and reading.

First and foremost, I use this gift to serve God and others; I’m passionate about looking at various topics and ideas from a unique perspective, perhaps one that isn’t discussed very often. My hope is that I might be able to start a conversation, and to make people think.

But more than anything, I want to share my heart; to tell the truth, and to do so with Grace and compassion and love.

And speaking of love, I LOVE getting to know others and hearing their own stories! If you want to reach out to me, feel free to email me at akwords21@gmail.com. I’m also on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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