When The Strong Ones Need Support

I’ve been a pillar
The heart of things
Listening and holding space
Doing life
At first a role
That later became a gift and a blessing

Yet I’ve lived a certain way
Always under the assumption
Of needing help
Yet not wanting to come off
In a negative light
Or to be looked down on

I can be vulnerable
I can share
Initiative is another story
When I don’t always have the language
To articulate experiences or perspectives

Or I spend more energy providing disclaimers
For the sake of comfort

But I want to lean in
To allow myself to be seen and heard
Even when I don’t know what support
Or letting someone “be there” looks like
Depending on the situation
It could be an embrace
Perhaps even validation
Letting it out
Dancing it out
If nothing else, a reminder that I’m not walking alone

Yes I’m strong
A fighter
A warrior
But I’m also human and not invincible
I don’t want to be untouchable
Or isolated
Despite the above being a response to how I’ve lived
For so long

And I’m tired
And trying to unwire
To say “I need you”
To sit with me
And stand together
Carry me when I need rest
Not to complain
But to connect

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