The Mental Health Generation

Born on the edge of the days of old

Coming of age in the dawn of digital social status

Flanked by news screens screaming tragedy and terror

Trauma absorbed from that which seemed impossible to comprehend

Guns, death tolls, and hatred

An amplification of algorithms, metrics, and trolls

The elders shake their heads

“Glad we didn’t grow up like that”

Columbine, 9/11, “video games lead to violence”

Tone deaf thoughts and prayers every time

Calls for change

Pushback from the NRA

Cycle going round and round

The message lost

In a cacophony of who’s to blame

Myspace, Facebook, Instagram

Bullying comes to the forefront again

On the screen instead of on the ground

Comparison, jealousy all around

Anxiety goes up

In person interaction goes down

Secrets passed from one person to the next

Carrying weight like a prison sentence




Broken relationships

Acting as if all is well

And the truth stays hidden

Screens, shouting, and silence

Is this all there is?

Life continued

But a movement stirred

The generation perceived as “me”

Slowly, but surely, became a “we”

The we that believes in therapy

Asking questions

Going deeper

Being vulnerable (with an open heart)

Building community

Coming together

The we that believes in medicine

As long as one needs it

Perhaps temporarily, or longer

A balance

Clearing the fog

Despite trial and error

So that joy can be sought and found

And the we that understands

That mental wellness is not one size fits all

There are barriers, physical and financial 

What works for me, may not work for you

And that’s more than okay

There is always opportunity for peace, relief, and healing

Today and every day

It takes as long as it takes

A lifestyle, not a timeline

Each day as it comes

One foot in front of the other

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