Lament, Stand With

Another name

Another murder

Since 2014 (from what I can remember)

The list keeps growing

Weep for a week

Then the collective keeps going


Human rights

Too big for my freshly post-grad brain

Back then “I don’t know enough to say something worth saying”

So I stayed in my lane


But it wasn’t about lanes

Or what’s personal versus what’s not

It’s about LIFE

Life taken for merely being

The poison of prejudice still runs deep

In the hands that hold power

Power to protect, or so I thought


Mirrors up, defenses down

“I’m not this, because I don’t say/do that”

But I was wrong

All along

I had perpetuated it 

With fear

With avoidance

And with silence

The well was too overwhelming

But now it’s time to dig

To sift

And shift


Work that desperately needs to be done

Despite the questions, fearing mess-ups, and lack of experience

But better show up an imperfect fighter

Than continue to be an accomplice in the crowd


To not save, but sit with

To stand, but not for performance

To speak, despite shaking

To educate and learn 


And again





Holding space for difficult conversations

Not fragile, but humble

Acknowledging privilege 

Acknowledging a pain I’ll never understand

To walk in seeking justice 

And celebration of what is





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