When You’re The Adventurous Type



I was raised to be an explorer

Curiosity drove me, though fear lingered

The depth of the water

How high I could climb

Whether or not I had the courage to jump

Sink or swim

Hit the gas

Sometimes I said yes, sometimes no


I pushed boundaries and defied odds

Away from home

Miles of walking

Late nights on a dance floor

Chugging beverages with bleary eyes

With best friends and almost boyfriends

Memories that can’t be described or explained

Writing, loving, and living

Proving some people wrong

With a cap and diploma in hand


Then the concrete jungle called

One which I was determined to conquer

The city streets that felt like a playground

Yet an exclusive club of high-rent apartments and living

That I could not access fully

I did my best

Chasing a dream

Seemingly bound by placement of family and pride for my roots

A place I swore I’d never leave

But now I’m not so sure


I can feel another space calling

A wider berth

Where I can still do the little things I’ve always wanted

For the first time

Driving down a back road, going over the legal limit

Sipping tequila and/or whisky at a dive bar

Sitting on a rooftop and watching the sun rise


Or things I haven’t done in a long time

Looking at the stars

Wine tasting

Staying out all night


Eat seafood

In whatever unfamiliar town I can find

I want to grow and challenge myself

Not to discover who I am, but embrace it

Wild like fire, calm like the wind

A plethora of this and that

Perhaps not belonging just in once place

But everywhere


We’ll see

For now, let me satisfy my taste of kicking back

Yet going all out

This is my adventure

Want to join me?

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