Ask, See, Know.



In an age

Where we’re all connected by screens and devices

Yet vulnerability and real connection seem like foreign languages

Feigning indifference, going along with what’s culturally acceptable

But aching on the inside for something real

Real relationships, and real people


How does one live differently

When they often feel like the only one

Who wants to try?

Believing that it’s not about trends or what’s “normal”

But staying true to themselves and what they need



Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What makes you tick?

When do you feel most alive?

What makes you feel cared about?

Genuine questions

Even when responses aren’t immediate

Are a good beginning



The person before you

A perfectly flawed individual

All messy and human

It’s brutal and beautiful

Their experiences can be colorful

Difficult to understand

But they’re no less valid

Their stories

They’re part of who they are

And part of the reason you’ve you met



We want to know people and be known by them

Past the surface-type bullshit

And down to the deepest levels

We want to love without hiding or pretending

Nakedness without awkward pauses or discomfort

It just is


No holds barred



Be brave enough to ask

Open your eyes and see

Know that someone wants what you want

That despite obstacles, it is possible

But you have to choose



It is not without challenges

That require patience and compassion

But it’s worth it


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