When Love Feels Limited



Defined with skepticism and cynicism

Supposedly only found (not built) by luck

By a culture where change is constant

And values are fleeting

Perfection is the rule

Superficial is the norm

And pain is the exception


I don’t gravitate to one extreme or the other

Choosing Hollywood versus the grapevine

Slowly rising above the noise

Yet still sway on the rickety bridge

Of creating my own story


Born a fighter

With a heart seemingly bigger than my body

I grew with a lot to give

Because of what I’d seen and experienced

Rejection (Acceptance)

Indifference (Compassion)

Ignorance (Understanding)

Instability (Safety)

Trying to be the best I could be

Even when I was bottomed down for it


“How do you love so much, when you seem to be the only one that wants to?”

I don’t have an answer (or one that makes sense)

Perhaps because I sense a kindred spirit

And it grows tiring to always suspect and expect the worst out of someone

The biggest challenge is not the absence of love

But wanting to give it and not know how


I reject cynicism, walls, and negativity

What good will that do?

It provides no motivation for anyone to prove the other wrong

Creating resentment and anger that isn’t necessary

Instead I choose patience


And being human

I keep going

Keep living

Keep loving


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