When You’re in Lonely Places (Beyond Singleness)


We were never meant to be by ourselves

In a world filled with glimpses of heaven

And yet still feels like hell

We were made to be part of a team

A community

A partnership called you and me

Sticking together

Through the best and worst of it all

I can be alone tonight

Laughing at a screen with a bottle of wine

But who wants to do that all the time

When you have a whole world to see

And people to meet

Sitting on a train bound for the city

Aching for interaction and connection

With other human beings

Looking around with curiosity

Dismayed by headphones, cell phones, and heads looking down

No wonder there’s loneliness all around

I understand cautiousness

Or just not being in a place to talk

But is it normal to refuse to engage on a regular basis?

I could dance with a stranger on a Saturday night

Relishing in the euphoria of the moment

Trading kisses for dignity

Or just opt for swiping right

But cheap exchanges disguised as intimacy

Are nothing when you long for something real

Heart-to-heart, and emotionally in sync

I pray for change

But must focus on my own actions

Rather than demanding that others be different

I can only uphold my truth and values

Embracing what’s healthy, and backing away from what isn’t

Rising above the noise

A balance between cynicism and idealism

It’s possible

Keep seeking, keep trying, Keep the faith

You’ll find it

Your People

Your place

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