Friday Finds

The beauty in expressing what you need (via Verily Magazine)

I’ve struggled with being assertive, particularly as an adult. It’s not that I’m afraid of hearing the word “no”, but the possible reasons behind that specific kind of rejection. It’s something that I’m currently working on, and want to get better at. Being an independent person has its perks, but I feel like I’m being true to myself where I’m able to share certain aspects of my life with another person.

Is “better” always best? (via Storyline)

I’m all for growth and self-improvement, but as someone who has spent most of her life trying to be “better” physically, and emotionally, and spiritually, it gets exhausting. When you feel like you’re at a crossroads, ask yourself if getting better means growing into who God made you to be, or trying to twist yourself into who you think you should be.

God, cancer, and very few answers (via John Pavlovitz)

We lost several beloved entertainers to this monster in the span of one week. I’ve seen several family members and family friends go through the hell this disease creates, and battling it with every ounce of strength they have. I have cried tears, and I have cried out desperately. I can honestly say I don’t know how I would feel or how I would deal with it if I ever heard those dreaded three words. Is God good? Yes. But does the fragility of life always feel good? No.

The words that can change your prayers (via Bronwyn Lea)

I never thought of including this in my morning quiet time, and it has made my prayer requests feel much more genuine as about to several minutes of listing out wants or needs.

Why perfection isn’t a requirement for love (via Stephanie May Wilson)

All I can say is that her words are a gift, and I thank God for speaking through her when I need it most. 

Have a great weekend!!

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