What Shame Looks Like

What Shame Looks Like
She approaches like a ghost, and without warning

Beginning in the head

And settling in the heart

A five letter word; starting with S

And ending with E

She can cripple your spirit

And bring you to your knees

She’s a follower of perfectionism

A mirror image, perhaps

Screaming loudly whenever mistakes are made

Whispering stories and confabulations that carry on

Weeks, months, years

Try for an entire lifetime

The reason for walls and defenses

A raging, haggard, bitch

Bearing wretched gifts of unnecessary burden

That I am not strong enough

That I am not caring enough

That I do not love enough

I am less, because I operate differently

And differences should be banished, rather than celebrated

I grow tired of her clawing at my back

Her voice, cackling in my thoughts

For stumbling when it’s normal to stumble

And being only human

I miss the freedom that comes with confidence

And the courage to fully live

I name her shame

For denying the truth only gives her power

I name her

Because MY truth is stronger than her lies

THE truth

That I am a human being and a Child of God

No explanation or justification needed

I name her

Because I do not follow or answer to her

And though is not a once and done victory

It’s definitely a start

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