A Safe Place in Unrest


It’s terrifying to show people who you are
When many see it all in black and white
I tend to live a life in color
Yet with questions always in my mind
Am I right, or am I wrong
To be emotional and be strong?
To feel deeply and appreciate all the little things
While pain comes easily
My thoughts get messy
Joy is translated into a lack of maturity
I walked a lonely road in childhood
Close friends were few
Until I discovered a haven on a college campus
And given gifts of acceptance, love, support, and encouragement
Where silliness, messiness, and sensitivity were welcomed with open arms
“Let yourself be loved”
The cry and prayer for ourselves and one another
I found them, and in turn I found myself
So the road continues into adulthood
Returning to a place that feels too small and confining
Like wearing jeans that no longer fit
Surrounded by those set in their ways
Love when the chips are down, but adamant on keeping walls up
Connected by blood, but distanced by experience

Torrent rain falls
Instead of the touch of grace, one gets the bruising of stones
It’s one thing to show the world who you are
But another to consistently be yourself
 When you’re still figuring it out
Hearing “We love you, but we’re just not good at showing it”
But love is not silent
Love overpowers self-hatred
And what is love that makes you question if you’re living well
Because you’re not living exactly like everyone else
In between such questions is the truth
One’s own truth
That what makes us different, the quirks and set apart’s
With time become gifts
Gifts from God’s spirit
That help us to love and live better
So with these gifts we must create a haven
A haven to feel like heaven
On an earth that sometimes feels like hell
For anyone that questions or seeks or longs to belong
Because we belong to each other
We are meant to grow together
To need connection, faith, and strength
That is where I build my haven
And I invite you to come in
Be a haven with your words
 Speaking with peace and comfort
Be a haven with your actions
 Giving shelter and safety for those that feel lost or rejected
Be a haven with your heart

Knowing that little things do make a difference

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