Friday Finds

It’s been a busy month, but I still want to share some beautiful things I’ve discovered around the blogosphere (and the internet)…..

Expanding The Ways We Experience God (via Relevant Magazine)

An interesting perspective on those that feel mentally different (via Momastery)

-I love this so much because I can relate to this on many levels. For years I felt like I had to be happy all the time; that once I could somehow “fix” the way my mind worked and the way it dealt with emotions, all would be right the world. But somehow I get the sense that the world needs people that aren’t afraid to show that their sad, angry, or down right pissed off. And this article gives me hope.

With Love, from Bob (Via Willow Creek Community Church)

-The author of one of my favorite books, Love Does, spoke at my church during our Celebration of Hope series. His words are soul stirring and his personality is so infectious that I literally want to jump up and dance. Despite how whimsical and out there it all seems, just take his words for what they are. Oh, and read the book too!

Every decision should include this one question (via Stephanie May Wilson)

Inspiration from Jamaica (via My European Adventures)

-Written by one of my closest friends from college. She is an incredible person with such a big and beautiful heart! I wanted to share it because it was so moving that it brought tears to my eyes. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

photo credit: vert.jpg via photopin (license)

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