I wrote this in the midst of trying to choose between visiting Iowa City and going to Nashville a couple of weeks ago. And while that weekend has passed, the theme surrounding this is still a big part of my life and process, especially during this “in between” stage, as some have dubbed it. Sometimes it’s exciting, confusing, heartbreaking, and perhaps all three at once. All I know for sure in this moment is that it’s OK to not have answers all the time. 

I wasn’t born on one side or the other
I just walked in the middle of the road
Believed from observation
Always questioned, never told
Some say it was the rose-colored glasses
The romantic and optimistic side
Can’t say for certain how it happened
Perhaps it’s just my mind
I wonder why we use labels
Special names and categorize
We push away in fear of discomfort
Rather than realizing how we were each created
By God as human beings
To love and give love
Yet instead we have to decide
Rather than seeking to listen and understand
With age comes evolving and changing
In interests, tastes, and dreams
The world gets a little bigger
With more chances and opportunities
And the possibility of going anywhere with anyone
Both equally thrilling, yet terrifying
Truly anything can happen
You’ll come across thresholds on how to live your life
Wondering if you could be doing better
Or if you’ve fallen behind
You want to do what feels impossible at times
Sharing you heart with the world
And one day giving it to another

You ask, you doubt, you wonder…
What’s out there?
Part of you desires to play it safe
But there’s still a mild itch to explore
Not for selfishness, but to grow and learn and be inspired
So throw away this empty box
And breathe in freedom’s scent
Let the winds of history guide you in order to lead and teach
Don’t follow your heart, but feed your soul
It’s OK to come back around
Keep being sweet with a little bit of spice
Faithful, but unafraid to go deep
Take chances and set boundaries
Pray and trust in the unseen
You were not made for a box
You are wonderfully made

photo credit: alki_set via photopin (license)

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