Friday Finds

The internet is such an interesting place in terms of how I experience community. In this last couple of weeks I came across some some incredible and thought-provoking articles, and I thought I would share them with you all. 

The wrong conversation about virginity  (via Mic) 

I didn’t even notice this when I was watching the episode, but this article helped me to see just how many lies are out there about this kind of thing. It’s sad at times, but it is definitely something worth pondering. 

How we look at singleness, and therefore look at God (via True Love Dates) 

This was so eye-opening for me; we so often buy into the lie that God wants to punish us or enjoys seeing us unhappy when the desire of a relationship (and perhaps marriage) goes unfulfilled. Her perspective is amazing!

The saving grace of Defensiveness and being flawed  (via Ten Thousand Places) 

I love this. SO MUCH. As someone who has been through the wringer in being told that I’m too (insert supposedly negative trait here), this resonated with me in a way that I had tears me in my eyes. 

Let It Begin With Me (via Momastery) 

So much emotion. Many feelings. Chilling, moving, and beautiful.

Burn The Candles (via Shauna Niequist) 

I am the kind of person that does this: that get’s wonderful (and typically expensive) gifts that I’m afraid to use because I don’t want to run out of it. I want to savor it as much as possible. Well, shelving isn’t necessarily savoring. Don’t wait for a special occasion; rather, create it.

Have a great weekend!!

photo credit: Danny Montemayor via photopin cc

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