Getting Quirky

What were the quirky/peculiar things that you noticed about yourself this year? In honor of the approaching 2015, name the top fifteen ones.

Yes, I am a quirky person. Some would take it a step further and call me a total dork, but I’m no longer bothered by it. It makes me feel light-hearted and a much more fun person to be around, and that’s what matters. 

1. I have days where I literally forget to eat either breakfast or lunch. It might be stress or having a busy day, but all the sudden I hear my stomach growling and go “wait a minute….that’s why.” 

2. I typically have nicknames for my closest friends and cousins; most of the time they’ve never heard me call them that, but I have them listed as that in my phone. And if somebody doesn’t have a nickname, I’ve picked out their celebrity look-alike: I have one friend that looks like Kenny Chesney and another who’s a cross between Bradley Cooper and John Krasinski. 

3. The song “Let It Go” (from Frozen) makes me cry a little bit. I have my days where I feel like Elsa….

4. I prefer FaceTime over talking on the phone with someone because it helps me to stay focused on the conversation. But if I absolutely have to, I will make an exception for the phone call. 

5. I can no longer sleep in past eight o’clock in the morning; my body won’t let me do it anymore. 

6. My friend made me an Iowa tie-blanket before I went to college, and most of the time I couldn’t fall asleep without it because it kept me from getting home sick. Now a days it helps me when I start to really miss Iowa. 

7. There are times where if I can’t give a person a hug, the least I will do is send them a nice little quote from Pinterest or one of those e-cards. I’m especially getting a kick out of those “daily odd compliments.” 

8. Speaking of closeness, if I’m sitting next to you and begin to gradually scoot next to you, don’t take it personally. Though normally if I don’t know you that well I’ll be fully aware of not to do it. 

9. I’ve slowed down when it comes to reading books; not because I’ve lost interest, but because there are some books that are so good and I just don’t want them to end. 

10. I still dance around the kitchen when no one else is home. And I still have specific music stations for certain things that I do (i.e. cleaning, cooking, working out, and getting dressed up). 

11. My go-to drinks usually involve flavored vodka and lemonade, Red’s Apple Ale (Angry Orchard is a good substitute), or Moscato.

12. I wake up to “Sunny and 75” almost every morning. That song just instantly makes me happy, especially when I don’t want to get up.

13. Watching sports is actually nerve-wracking, especially football!

14. I tend to get up super early in the morning when I have to go somewhere; these days it’s still pretty dark by then, so I have this habit of turning a lot of lights on so I’m not too skittish when I’m getting ready.

15. I’m typically always the one that’s early for things; it gives me time to relax (or prepare) if needed.

Do we have any in common? 

photo credit: Rachel.Adams via photopin cc

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