Friday Finds

The Good Kind Of Pain (via A Deeper Story)

Thank You For Sharing  (via She Loves Magazine)

I found this refreshing; too often when choosing to be vulnerable in a group, one has to deal with the response of “I know what you’re saying because I went through this…” before venturing off into their own story. And not that there is anything wrong with similarities, but when someone is being that open-hearted, sometimes it truly is best to say “thank you” and then go onto the next person.

I am not a victim (nor do I have to be)  (via Daughter By Design)

Don’t waste your season  (via The Identity Project)

Do we inherit our parents mistakes?  (via Verify Magazine)

It’s not a matter of “if”, but how one (or in the case of marriage, two) persons go about the situation. 

And to end things on a light note….What do you get when you mix James Marsden with Country music? (I’m definitely hoping a recording contract!!)

Have a great weekend!

photo credit: paul bica via photopin cc

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