Weekly Wisdom

In an effort to keep the blog going while keeping busy with an internship, job searching, and working on various writing pieces, I thought I would try something new. 

Whenever I have instances where I’m too busy to write a full blog,  or just don’t know how to put these thoughts into words, I’ll go ahead and share these little snippets. Some might be from Instagram (where in that case, I will do my best to give credit it where credit is due), but most I will often come up with on my own.

I post a lot of these things on various social media handles, so feel free to follow me on PinterestInstagram, or Twitter! 
Inspired by a conversation with one of my closest friends that took place before the start of last semester

This was all created using an app called Quollective, which can be found in the Itunes app section. 

Have a great weekend!

photo credit: jenny downing via photopin cc

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