Friday Finds

Every so often I like to post links to great articles, videos, and other things that I find around the internet. Here are a few that I’ve come across over these last couple of weeks. 

A Newlywed’s Advice to Newlyweds (via Paul Perkins)

Very eye-opening, particularly during wedding season

On The Flip side of Love (via InCourage)

A gentle reminder about the only way to truly experience love (romantic and otherwise) 

Three Things Every Woman Needs to Survive… (via The Identity Project)

I love this because I’m starting to hate all those articles out that there are basically just lists and don’t always apply to everyone. I’m tempted to write something that says “here’s the most important list you’ll ever need” and then all it says is “quit trying to prepare so much and just roll with it!”

Connected, But Alone? (via Youtube)

One of the best TED talks I have ever watched (thus far) and a great precursor to a blog post that I’ll be writing soon!

I Remember You 

This Sunday marks the one year anniversary since a friend of mine from high school tragically passed away. I wrote a tribute to him back in December, and I thought I would share it again.

Have a great weekend!

photo credit: Matt Peoples via photopin cc

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