Friday Finds

Every so often I like to share wonderful things that I’ve found across the blogosphere and the internet. Here are a few that I’ve come across in these last couple of weeks.

What it means to be Gracefully Assertive (via iBelieve Relationships)

-This is a timely read as I am on the brink of adulthood; being assertive does not necessarily meaning being aggressive. 

In Which You Are a Beloved Warrior  (via Sarah Bessey)

-I can’t describe the emotion that welled in my heart as I read this (in a good way!) As I learn more about the concept of identity (more so, who to put my identity in), these are the kind of posts that make me want to shout for joy!

“I am Second” interview with Sean Lowe (via I am Second)

I’ll admit that I am a fan of The Bachelor; there are a few aspects of it that I don’t understand nor do I agree with, but it’s still fun to watch it with friends. That being said, I’ve only been a viewer for a few seasons, but I have to say that Sean is definitely my favorite thus far, and I considered him a front-runner for Emily when he was originally on The Bachelorette. I can understand the confusion as to why a man who claims to live for Jesus would be a on reality dating show, but I honestly thought he brought a fresh perspective to an environment that’s often polluted with a lack of maturity and can be superficial at times. In any case, this is his “I am Second” video and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. I’ll definitely be sharing more of those as time goes on!

Regretting Vulnerability (via [In]Courage)

I have definitely been in this position multiple times. A lot of it was this past summer, while some of it was also very recent. Not everyone is safe to share your heart with, and that’s OK.

When “About” becomes “For” (via [In]Courage)

At first glance the title might be surprising; let me reassure you that it doesn’t just apply to those that are married, but can apply to almost every and any type of relationship. It gave me a lot of insight into certain dynamics within my family and how I choose to navigate the rocky patches when we hit them. It also enlightened me on what habits to avoid. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

photo credit: spettacolopuro via photopin cc

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