Music Lovin Monday

Yeah-Joe Nichols 

This guy is easily becoming one of my favorite artists!

Cop Car-Keith Urban

I didn’t know how I felt about this at first because there’s another one by the same name out there, albeit by a different artist and a lot more risque. However, it grew on me and I’ve learned to appreciate it.

This Is How We Roll-Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan

Ok, I just absolutely love this song. On that note, I saw both of these guys back in June and they were amazing!

Not A Bad Thing-Justin Timberlake

If there’s ever a song on how to pursue a woman, this would be one of them. And I thought “Mirrors” was my favorite….

Rascal Flatts-Rewind

This one came on my country Pandora station when I was in Arizona, and given that I had a tiny smirk on my face, my mom asked me if this reminds me of someone. I denied it, but it turns out that she was right.

Gimme Some of That-Thomas Rhett

This song reminds me of someone as well, but for different reasons.

Have a great week!
photo credit: victorcamilo via photopin cc
All video credits go to Youtube

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