22 Quirks

In honor of having just celebrated my twenty-second birthday, I thought I would hold off on a reflective post for a bit and just talk about the small things that I’ve learned about myself over the years. They range from cute to roll-your-eyes type stuff. But I can’t say that I really apologize for any of it. It’s part of my personality!

(My friend used her lighter because we forgot candles. Cheesy, but it worked!)

1. I have quite a few coffee mugs, two of which are designated for Saturday and Sunday. They’re both huge, but one is cherry red and the other has a Minnie Mouse design on it. I can’t drink out of any other coffee cups on those days unless I’m out of town. If I do, I feel extremely weird. 

2. My choice of Pandora stations depends on my mood or what I’m doing. I like easy listening for when I’m cooking, Billy Joel or Classic Rock for when I’m cleaning, and anything from 90’s boy-bands to Country to Disney songs when I’m getting ready to go somewhere. 

3. Ask me when, where, and how we met and I’m sure I can give you a pretty accurate description. 

4. I’ve been somewhat crazy about having a fully charged phone and enough money in my bank account at all times. The idea of having a dead phone battery when possibly needing to get a hold of somebody makes me cringe. 

5. I enjoy taking my time when getting ready in the morning or going out at night. It’s sad that as a culture, people always feel so rushed. 

6. I get really excited/anxious/angry when I watch sports (mostly football and basketball). Some say I just follow the reactions of others, but I have a pretty good idea as far as what’s going on. 

7. Touching dirty dishes (or washing by hand) is gross. On the other side of the coin, doing laundry is kind of fun. 

8. Whenever I go out, I’m always dancing; whether it’s mild like bobbing my head or my knees while at a table, or letting loose on an actual dance floor, I just move. And I love it. 

9. Speaking of dancing, I absolutely have to whenever Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and others come on a set of speakers. Luke Bryan in particular has been on my college bucket list (because they hardly play country music in the downtown bars or nightclubs), and I finally crossed that off a couple of weeks ago. 

10. I’m not a fan of beards; a little scruff is OK, but anything else is not attractive, nor does it feel good against my face. I may be touch-oriented, but I’m also touch sensitive.

11. Pizza rolls and Oreo cookies (with milk) have been my go-to snacks since childhood. 

12. The temperature in my apartment (or bedroom) has to be insanely warm, otherwise I can’t sleep or even relax. 

13. I have three distinct giggles: one for when I’m really happy, one for when I think something is hysterical, and one when it’s not funny but I’m just trying to humor the other person.

14. Naturally, I’m just not a big eater, meaning I can’t sit and gorge on a bag of chips all the day. 

15. The concept of sleeping in is almost non-existent for me, unless I’m down right exhausted. 

16. I have a lot of habits that involve my hands when I’m nervous. 

17. If people come over to my apartment and for whatever reason it’s not clean, I automatically apologize for it. 

18. My neighbors made me a Hawkeye-themed tie blanket before I left for college. Since then I’ve kept it with me every night (that’s the long-hand version for “yep, I have a ‘blanky’ “).

19. I have a hard time remembering names but I can easily recognize faces; that’s actually how I met one of my closest friends. 

20. When I’m sitting on a couch or next to a person, it’s somewhat second nature to scoot just a little too close next to them. So if I do that to you, don’t take it personally. But that being said, I also love cuddling or leaning up against somebody, even if it’s just platonic. 

21.If you see me walking around campus with a HUGE smile on my face, I’m either day-dreaming or just really happy!

22. I’m better at being sarcastic in my head than I am out loud. I do enjoy teasing people in the nicest way possible, depending on who it is.

There are many more, but that’s enough for now!

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