The Bubble

I wrote this after one incredible weekend, before this semester started. Life really becomes easier when you just let go and don’t worry about impressing anybody. 

The Bubble

There are so many people in the world
To meet, and for them to meet us
We grow up believing that the greatest gift
Is to love and be loved in return
And that our worth ultimately comes from that love
Of being praised and recognized
Groomed culturally and socially
Clothes-in style and up with the latest trends
Make-up without a flaw
Bodies where no rolls, cellulite, or baby fat exist
Skin and bones aren’t included either
Sexy, but not trashy
Wholesome, but not naïve
Where’s the middle ground?
People come and go
Through phases and experiences
Values shift like jenga pieces
Thoughts change
Along with the voices that rise to speak
I’ve tried to define myself with what I thought were markers
“sweet” “good girl” “mature” “can do no wrong”
All good things in hindsight
But what was the point?
Putting my identity in words that change over time
A foundation of sand instead of stone
Where a stone only reads a few words:
“Human” and “Of God”
Impressions are important
Yet there is a difference between sitting in a cubicle
And being flirty on a night out
Impressions can do a lot
But let them be a reflection of relaxation and genuine interest
Not force
Faking only works so well
You can do your damndest
But either way, you’re damned if you do
Damned if you don’t
Intention doesn’t always affect perception
People will sometimes see you how they want
Not for who you actually are
Maybe it’s best
To not give the finger to the world
But throw your head back and laugh
To not rub your differences in people’s faces
But just be
It’s only as difficult as you make it

photo credit: pasotraspaso via photopin cc

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