I’ve recently been getting into writing poetry again, and so wrote this with two very important people in mind. One of them is no longer with us on earth, but his memory remains in my heart. The other is someone who has been an incredible friend and inspiration this last year, and give thanks to God for both of them. 


There are a lot of people in the world that you’ll come to know
Mostly through the age of the internet and cyberspace
But nothing beats the beauty of meeting for the first time
In a classroom, on the street, or in middle of the cafeteria line
You might not think anything of them at first
Or you’re so taken that you don’t know what to say
Either or, there’s something that’s intriguing
Perhaps even captivating
You keep them in your mind
Not knowing that they’ve already left a footprint on your heart
Time passes as you go from strangers to friends
Little moments jumping out like bold colors on a blackboard
You only talk in passing, or perhaps every couple of days
They might make you laugh or blush with their bold sense of humor
Or they motivate you to clean up your act
Their personalities are admirable
Simply because they never fail to be themselves
But then there’s that one moment
Where you connect as human beings
Identifying on the same level
Recognizing that everyone has struggles
And needs a little help every once in a while
When he got you back safely after a night downtown
And the others were scattered about in different directions
Laughing hysterically after too much whiskey, rum, and cold pizza
Serenading you to country music the following morning
Never even bothering to think
That this would be the last time you would see him alive
He listened without flinching
As you recounted your painful history and battles with depression
None of it fazes him
As he dodges traffic between a busy road to stop the bus
So that you don’t have to walk back on that cold winter night
Reminding you to hug him a little tighter
Even when you’ve had a little too much liquor
As it happens, it might not be a particularly huge deal
When a person demonstrates love, kindness, and compassion
But life is finite and goes quickly
And what gets taken for granted
Is what I tend to remember the most 

photo credit: bernat… via photopin cc

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