Friday Finds

Here are some AMAZING things that I found this past week! Enjoy!

The trick that turned complete strangers into friends (via FaithIt)
-All I can say is WOW! People should do this more often!

What do I know about marriage?  (via Nish Weiseth)
-When I read the now-viral post Marriage Isn’t For You, I appreciated the overall message but thought there were a few key points missing. Nish definitely hit them on the head.

When a pitbull puppy wants to use a treadmill  (via Paw Bonito)
-I only have two words for this: so cute!!

Recovering from cynicism (via Redemption Pictures)
-This one is honestly hard to describe, but still worth the read! Right afterward, I came across How I Became A Jesus Feminist and found myself nodding in agreement for much of the piece. 

What My Mother Taught Me (via Shauna Niequist)
-These past couple of weeks I’ve come to adore her book Bread And Wine, and am now just discovering her blog! Now only is she an incredible writer, but this post in itself is beautiful!

Have a great weekend!!

photo credit: PRAVEEN VENUGOPAL via photopin cc

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