Music Lovin’ Monday

Better-Maggie Rose

If there’s one song that sums up every emotion, feeling, and thought that I’ve experienced this past summer, it’s this one. I plan on writing a post on it at some point, perhaps in a few weeks. If you’ve ever lost somebody, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to this. I love how simple and honest it is, so I’ll let the music do the talking for now.

Take Back The Night-Justin Timberlake 

When I first heard about the N’Sync reunion on the MTV Video Music Awards, the inner teeny-bopper in me gave a little bit of a squeal, but at the same time 1.) I’m more partial to the Backstreet Boys, and 2.) I more of a fan of Justin as a solo artist rather than as a member of a boy-band. And after watching him last night, I have to say that he gave a phenomenal performance! After Miley Cyrus left made face-palming and wondering what popular music is coming to, he certainly made up for it.  In regards to this song in particular, he could have been a little bit more sensitive with the song title. But I love the overall city-vibe of it, given that I’m very much a downtown girl myself. It might be just another substitute for carpe diem, but it’s a funkier (and classier) version of that other one. 

Heart of Life-John Mayer

An oldie-but-goodie; I was making dinner the other night when this came on my easy-listening Pandora station. I love the message of it, and the way the guitar sounds is so calming.

Light Me Up-Hunter Hayes

This one is less popular and slightly different, but still good. I wish he had played it at Country Thunder, but unfortunately he had to cut the show short due to the rain. 

Days of Gold-Jake Owen
I want to end this on a positive note, so I will say that this one is just awesome! I can bet that this will be one of the defining songs of my senior year of college. And if I ever do make a playlist describing these last four years, this one will definitely be on it!

All video content can be found on Youtube!

photo credit: el patojo via photopin cc

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