Friday Finds

I found some great reads this week, and while working on a post that is very near and dear to my heart, I thought I might share them with you all! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Why The Church can support “breadwinning” wives too (via Rachel Held Evans)
-This is so interesting and thought-provoking; so often Christian communities debate relentlessly about the roles of both genders, when in reality not everybody not everyone feels called to take on those roles, nor are they always able to do so. Instead of demeaning others for whatever choice they make (in terms of staying home or working) we should be celebrating and encouraging them.

Hearing God: Is he The One? (via Angie Schueller Wyatt) 

-Yes, having “God and Boobs” as a blog name might seem eye-brow raising at first, but I promise you that it’s definitely something worth checking out, along with reading the book. This post in particular was especially relevant to me because there was a time where I thought I had met the man I was going to marry, although that was not the case. In a way, I’m still going through the grieving process of that, given that the guy I was a huge part of my life and my heart for a long time. But this wasn’t the only piece that struck a chord with me: I would suggest reading the whole series as well. 

Do not stumble on account of me (via A Deeper Story)

-I honestly have no words to describe how beautiful this is. All I can say is read it; maybe you’ll have to read it more than once to truly understand it, but it is nonetheless both beautiful and powerful.

A lot of it is incredibly deep and possibly difficult to sift through at once. Yet, it is also something to think about.

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