Friday Finds

This week I found some amazing blog posts/articles! All of them were extremely refreshing, and others really made me think about particular subjects that I hadn’t really formed an opinion on. Hope you enjoy reading them!

  • Sometimes, “Being A Woman” Makes Me Tired (Via Good Woman Project)-Sometimes with all the opinions, books, blogs, and advice, the whole idea of trying to be a Proverbs 31 woman seems exhausting. This is something that I find myself asking on a day to day basis, and it gives a very refreshing perspective on how there are times to focus on who to be, and times where we should just let ourselves “be.” 

  • On Standing Up To Fear (Via So About What I Said)-A post/e-mail on how we just can’t let fear get the best of us when it comes to love, or anything else in life. Melissa’s blog is such an inspiration in itself, and I’d recommend a lot of what she writes.

  • I’m Just Me (Via Single Dad Laughing)-An absolutely beautiful post by one of my favorite bloggers, regarding how sometimes labels tend to open us up to more hurt, rather than give clarity. 

What special reads, videos, etc. have you found this week?

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