Thankful Thursday

Recently, my group counselor told me to make a list of things that I’m grateful for; I always try to have a heart of gratitude,because no matter where God has me at in life, there is always so much to give thanks for. I will probably post this segment once a month at the least, twice at the most. This time it is just what I wrote down as a whole, but as time goes on I will get more specific. Feel free to comment and share anything that you’re grateful for as well!

1.      My faith and the foundation it has in my life
2.      An amazing, supportive family and awesome, positive friends
3.      Having the ability to walk, run, and be independent
4.      Creative expression; expressing myself through words and writing
5.      Attending the University that I go to
6.      Having my own apartment that I can wake up in and come home to
7.      Drinking a delicious cup of coffee in the morning (or any time of the day)
8.      My past experiences and the ways that I’ve grown because of them
9.      Disney movies
10.   Hugs
11.   Laughter
12.   Deep conversations; being open and vulnerable with people
13.   Spending time with my crazy, rambunctious family
14.   Dancing
15.   Cozy movie nights
16.   Random acts of kindness
17.   Dancing
18.   Music; specifically country, pop, and rock
19.   Nature: anywhere with a beach or a mountain area, watch the sun rise/set
20.   Wine
21.   Chocolate
22.   Those that protect and serve our country
23.   Grandparents
24.   Having get-togethers
25.   My pets, and the unconditional love that they give
26.   Getting older
27.   Truth and honesty, in the right context and for the right reasons
28.   When someone smiles and waves at me as we walk past each other
29.   Books and the ability to read
30.   Special moments that you don’t plan or expect
31.   Random, fun adventures
32.   Technology (sometimes)
33.   Writing letters

FFebruary has been such a whirlwind, although I’ve learned a lot and my perspective was changed on a lot of things. What are you grateful for this month?

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