From Where I’m At

Day 31-Perspective 

Imagine that you can see yourself from above. Watch carefully. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you think you’re going in the right direction? 

I am standing at the threshold of a door that doesn’t necessarily lead to just a New Year, but a new season in my life. I don’t see it as starting over, but rather continuing and progressing what I’ve already been doing throughout these last few months. I’ve spent some time looking over my journal entries throughout 2012, and am amazed by all the prayers that have been answered and how I have grown both emotionally and spiritually. 

Participating in Reverb this December has been a blessing; I shared thoughts and events in my life that were deep and at times heartbreaking. And I feel like I did so at the right time. In a way, Reverb has become a sort of therapy for me when I don’t have my actual counseling group to go to, particularly during winter break. I’ve discovered a lot of wonderful bloggers as well and am interested in seeing what 2013 brings them. 

I don’t know which direction I’m going in; what I do know is that I’m filled with joy that I’m no longer carrying the heavy burdens that I once took on. I’m ready to embrace the freedoms that I talked about at the beginning of the month. I have goals, but I am also open to wherever God wants to take me on this next part of my journey. It is a journey that I’ve been on since I was eighteen years old, and maybe even before that. I feel confident and comfortable. I have very few regrets. Yes, 2013, I am ready for you!

The celebration will be low-key; I’m going out to dinner with my family, and then my family and I will see Les  Mis just in time to make it back for a midnight toast. The majority of my friends are twenty-one and are going to the city or are doing things that legally I’m not able to do just yet. But it doesn’t really bother me all that much, because my time will come a month from tomorrow. And the world didn’t end, so I’m very happy to be able to welcome another year in itself. 

To you and yours, may this year bring you and abundance of love and joy! God bless!

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