Simplicity At Its Finest

Day 26-The Simple Things

What were some of the simple things that you enjoyed in 2012? Describe a typical day

This year was a very busy one, but thankfully not in a way where I forgot about the small joys. In fact, I learned to appreciate them  on a deeper level, particularly during the latter half of the year when I wasn’t dealing with drama and difficult people every day. I grew to love this routine, and while my schedule will be slightly different next semester, I hope the pieces that fit into it remain the same. 

During the week, my day would begin pretty early; although my classes didn’t start until midday, I’m first and foremost a morning person and don’t see the point of sleeping in until right before something needs to get done. Waking up would sometimes be a pain, but that first cup of coffee in the morning is always something that I look forward to. And it’s from a Kuerig machine that actually works and doesn’t take five to ten minutes to work correctly. 

Even though the warm water would run out after about ten minutes, I still appreciated being able to shower in  a clean bathroom. More specifically, to show in a bathroom with more space and no mold or mildew to speak of. I could take my time. It was a bathroom that I truthfully liked being in. 

After my hair was dry, then it was on to the beauty routine. I don’t consider myself an addict, but I do love fragrance and make-up. I loved being my own canvas, even if there were days where the look didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. In the background I’d have a specific Pandora radio station playing on; usually Disney, Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Keith Urban, or Billy Joel. It perked me up when I wanted to do anything but go to class. 

Once I looked put together, it was time to refresh myself both mentally and spiritually. For close to a half hour, I spent time in prayer and wrote in my journal. That’s why I often wake up early, so I don’t feel like I have to rush through things that are so important to my well-being. There’s nothing more annoying than having to breeze through times that genuinely matter me because I have a whole list of crap that needs to get done. 

Walking around campus, whether it be to class or wherever is always wonderful; well, at least when the weather isn’t awful. The best thing is looking around at all the buildings and places, remembering exactly what I have and how far I’ve come. A definite plus is running into a friend that I haven’t seen in a while and catching up, if only for a few minutes. Making plans to get together is even better!

I’d make it back to my apartment around four o’clock-ish, and would flop down on the couch to watch General Hospital or some other TV show on my DVR. While I only had two classes during the day, I still needed to give myself time to decompress, particularly when I had ones that were difficult to understand. Of course there were times when “decompressing” would go from one hour to two, where I literally had to go into another room to get my homework done. 

My nightly activities would vary during the week, depending on what night it was. Usually I either worked out, attended a Christian Campus group/Bible Study, went to counseling, or had dinner with a friend. Sometimes it was multiple things in one night. Either way, they left me feeling refreshed and happy because it was a time of togetherness and well-being; a time to relate to other people. 

As the clock struck ten (or later at times) I would tumble into bed, exhausted but grateful; I had a bedroom that was mine. A place that was mine. And a life that I was (and am now more than ever am) at peace with. 

Is there anything here that resonates with you, dear readers? Are there any simple things that you wish you would have, or would like to make time for?

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