Yearly Gratitude

Day 18-What are you thankful for this year?

I always try to express gratitude on a daily basis, but there was quite a bit this year that made 2012 both wonderful, challenging, and life changing all at the same time. Here are the top twelve of 2012. 

1. My health, and the health of my loved ones. 

2. Friends that tell it like it is. I wouldn’t have made as much progress so far if it weren’t for those that were willing to tell me the completely blunt and honest truth. 

3. My family, who supported me in all that I did this year and when I achieved. The small gestures of calling to make me laugh or let me know that they were thinking of me always brought a smile to my face. My grandparents, in particular, have a way with doing that. 

5. My therapy group; again, they’re also people that looked me in the eye and told me exactly how they saw it, and I needed that wake-up call. Each of their stories has given me so much perspective on life and the fact that we are all dealing with our own pain and struggle. 

6. The Salt Company and Intervarsity; I have been involved in both of these groups in the last twelve months, and have experienced so much growth because of it. I hope to go deeper and develop closer relationships as this coming year goes on. 

7. Having my own place to live that I feel insanely comfortable in, and others feel comfortable in as well. 

8. The blogosphere; yes it can get crazy and sometimes down right nasty, but I learned a lot from the blogs that I read on a regular basis, especially those that I posted yesterday. 

9. My gift and passion for writing

10. My school

11. The ability to stay physically fit. 

12. Awareness of both the good things, as well as the bad and the ugly. It is something that I once felt had set me apart from my peers, but now I see it as a very positive trait about myself.

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