Country Calling

Day 10-Music

What were some of your favorite songs to listen to?

I’m a big fan of music, and this year provided a lot of great artists to be interested in. However, the one genre I felt drawn to the most was country music. A part of me has always loved it; I grew up dabbling into Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, and Faith Hill as a child. I drifted away from it for a while, but in recent years have grown tired of the typical “get drunk and get laid” party anthem motif that is frequently attached to most pop/rap music these days. 

And while country has its share of partying and beer drinking, it’s more often then not the less obvious message that the singer or band is trying to present. It has a story.More so, it touches on the simple and important things, such as faith and family. 

It comes across as unpopular among a lot of people that I know. Then again, if it was as bad as some make it out to be, I don’t think it would have multiple separate award shows. 

I listened to a lot of it this year, and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Not everything is recent, a few artists/songs go back a few decades. 

Luke Bryan
Country Girl (Shake it for me)—> I put this on my top five favorite songs of all time!
Drunk on You
I Don’t Want This Night To End
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Keith Urban
Making Memories Of Us
Someone Like You
Sweet Thing
You’re Gonna Fly
Kiss A Girl
Days Go By
….and a lot more!

Hunter Hayes
Wanted (currently my favorite!)
Love Makes Me
Storm Warning

Blake Shelton
God Gave Me You
All About Tonight
Hillbilly Bone

Jason Aldean
My Kinda Party
Don’t You Wanna Stay (with Kelly Clarkson)
The Only Way I Know
Crazy Town
Dirt Road Anthem 

Lady Antebellum 
Own The Night
Need You Now
Our Kind of Love
I Run To You
Dancing Away With My Heart

Kenny Chesney 
Come Over
Rockstar (with Tim McGraw)
Beer In Mexico
Somewhere With You
You and Tequila
When The Sun Goes Down

Brad Paisley 
This Is Country Music
Southern Comfort Zone
She’s Everything

Little Big Town

Josh Turner
Time Is Love
Why Don’t We Just Dance

Dierks Bentley
Come A Little Closer
What was I Thinkin’ 

Carrie Underwood 
Blown Away
All American Girl
Jesus Take The Wheel
Cowboy Casanova

Tim McGraw
Live Like You Were Dying
When The Stars Go Blue
Truck Yeah
It’s Your Love
Southern Voice
Fly Away
I Like it, I Love it

And you can’t forget the classics….

Johnny Cash
I Walk The Line
Ring Of Fire
Ghost Riders

There are so many more I could name! But instead of going on endlessly, I say go over to I-tunes and do a little listening for yourself. Maybe your parents or grandparents have old CD’s or records collecting dust and could be put to good use. 

For those that already love country music, what are some of your favorites? For those that are perhaps just discovering it, what have you been listening to so far?

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