Stream Of Consciousness: The Two C’s

These last couple of weeks have been stressful, yet amazing.

I’ve had a ton of school work to do; since the beginning of October, it has usually been multiple exams and papers almost every week. Add in required reading, and you’ve got what some of my friends have called a “disgusting” workload. It felt absolutely draining, because I’m not one that can plow through an entire paper or a pile of homework. I have to give myself breaks, and that’s partially why I didn’t blog for a week and a half; my thoughts were all incredibly disorganized and jumbled, and that explains some of my “current thoughts” posts that may not make a lot of sense.

But a great deal of that stress was eliminated when I found out (the day after the Presidential Election) that I had been accepted into my school’s creative writing track. One of the top programs in the nation. And a program no less that is very difficult to get into.

I felt a burden fall from my shoulders when a friend of mine looked me in the eye and told me to let other people love me; I could go more in depth about what those words meant to me, but I’d like to write a separate post about that another time. 

And while I’m not looking forward to preparing for finals, I do want to make the most of what’s left of this semester. A few of my friends won’t be back for second semester; some are graduating and one is studying abroad. I want to make sure I spend enough time with them and make the most out of the upcoming weeks. The Christmas season is also a definite plus!

Speaking of December, I am really looking forward to Reverb12 this year! It is always such a gratifying time of reflection, and right now I’m finally at a place where I’m completely comfortable with openly talking about certain things that I dealt with over the past year. I just pray that it will be well-received, and that at least one person will get something out of my vulnerability. 

Right now, if I were to pick two words to describe my current state of being, they would be content and comfortable. That’s perfectly all right by me!

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