This poem was inspired a by a conversation that I had with a relative a while back; we have very different personalities, and nine times out of ten don’t agree on the same things. But lately, it has made me think about the concept of wanting something, or multiple things. This is my response to that conversation.


A hot summer day
We drive with the glare of the sun beating down
He turns to me, like so many times before
Switches the radio down and begins to lecture me about life
Some things never change
He tells me, “you want far too much than you can ever have”
“You don’t know how to be grateful”
“You’re materialistic”
“These dreams and wishes of yours might never come to pass”
Meanwhile, my head is pressed against the window
Staring out at the sky, I pretend that I hear him
Yet, I’m only trying to let it go in one ear and out the other
On the inside, his words light a fire in my heart
That leads to defense in my mind
Although gratitude was hardly ever my strong suit, I’m taking a step back
And recognizing what’s important
Why is everything considered unrealistic?
Nothing is ever easy to come by anymore
I’m a dreamer, you know
If I am determined to achieve something, it propels me
Like a warrior, I don’t allow any obstacle to keep me from fighting
On the other side, If I’m not ready or it does not feel right
No one but the will of God can make me move
So don’t try to convince me otherwise
What is so wrong with asking?
What is the harm in believing you’re capable of more than what is expected of you?
Then again, not many walk in my shoes
Or understand the frustration that comes with working to achieve a goal
But not knowing how
Perhaps our desires, our hopes, our dreams are not about gaining anything
But experiencing peace and clarity
The freedom to move forward
To do what we feel is right
So before you accuse someone of wanting too much
Before you try and tell them that they’re never satisfied
Sit down and really listen to what they’re saying
Perhaps the question is not, “what do you want?”
But rather, “why?” 

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