Small Moment, Special Day

I’ve come to believe that you know you’ve met someone special when you can remember the smallest of details regarding the day you met. You know you’ve met someone important when you can recall the memories that you made with them, as though they happened recently rather than seven years ago. And you know they will always matter to you when you find yourself not only thinking about them, but praying for them. 

This poem is not about any kind of wishing or hoping. This is about thanking a friend for what he has done for me, and thanking God for bringing this person into my life. There have been many up’s and downs, but I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. It is not something I talk about openly with other people, but today I celebrate someone that meant a lot to me, and still does. 

When There Was You

I remember the day you reached your hand out to me
Years ago it was, but clear as yesterday
Out in the middle of nowhere we were
Learning and living by faith
I was young and lost without a clue in the world
How to stand up and pull myself together
Even though you helped me to hang on
I’m sure you didn’t know either
For all the laughs we shared
And all the memories we made
All the moments we spent sharing our hearts
The love and friendship we gave
No I don’t regret the days of when there was you
There were times when times when you stumbled and fell
I didn’t understand
All I felt was hurt and confusion
Knowing how close we were as friends
But I needed that time apart
And we both needed time to grow
I’m no longer a girl and you’re now a man
With struggles and responsibilities
 trying to set our own paths and follow our dreams
But I’m still in the process of learning
From the times of when there was you
We all have those special people
Who may not always have a physical place in our lives
But leave the deepest of footprints on our hearts
A sense of love and admiration that will never fade
Regardless of how many days go by
Or who we become
I’ll remember it always
We’ve charted different courses
And exchanges of words seem few
But still I lift you up in prayer
For you success, along with gratitude
Perhaps one day if God wills it so
We’ll find each other once more
Joke around and talk like we used to
Except there won’t be pain or silence between us anymore
Just peace

But right now I’ll just say thank you
For the years that we were given
It changed my life and taught me well
When there was you

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