Two Years, And a Little Wiser

I am (unofficially) a junior in college. Yet, it is not the blurry passing of time that amazes me, but the amount of change that I’ve experienced in that amount of time. Even though freshman year was technically only a year and a half ago, I feel so much older than that. It’s as if I know things that normally, people my age wouldn’t learn or understand for perhaps another year or two. Maybe that’s because I’m so observant; in any case, here are the top ten: 

1. It doesn’t matter how much you change, or what you do to become a certain kind of person. The real you will always remain somewhere in the deepest part of your heart, and will come out eventually. You just have to stop fighting it. 

2. Never do anything because it’s what you think you’re “supposed” to be doing during a particular time or phase in your life. It’s not worth the pain if you only take part in it just for the sake of not missing out on something. 

3.  Whether you believe it or not, the two relationships you’ll never question your investment in is a relationship with God, and a relationship with yourself.

4. It’s not about “live life with no regrets.” Instead, it should be “live life without any reasons to regret. When you learn how to appreciate something exactly for what it is and how to live in the present moment, then you don’t have anything to regret. 

5. As you get older, you’ll understand that your best friends are really your family. And somewhere in all of that, many of your friends will become your family. 

6. It’s important to always take a little time for yourself. A friend of mine told me that once, and I had trouble believing him because I thought that being alone was considered a bad thing. But it’s actually nice taking a break from all the craziness every so often. 

7. Everyone is worth taking the time to get to know. But not everyone is worth taking the time to be close to. 

8. Learn how to trust your instincts; they’re one of the few things that will never let you down. 

9. There are some answers that aren’t meant to be searched for; rather, they’re meant to be revealed to you in their own time. 

10. The most rewarding achievements come from the things that you had to work your butt off for. 

However, that’s not to say that I know everything. Time will only tell as far as what these next two years hold. And I can’t wait!!

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