My Story, Through Another’s Eyes

We all have our own personal story; a story that both shows an explains who we are at the very core of our souls. I have frequently told my core story in bits and pieces on this blog. But I have to wonder, what would my story sound like if it were being told from a different perspective? In the spirit of fictional magic and fantasy, I’ve wondered would it would be like if that particular story was told in the words of my own fairy godmother?

No, I’m not saying that I actually have one. But being that I am a writer, I thought it would be fun to tap into the spirit of fictional magic and fantasy.

My core story, or at least the one that I have thus far, began when I first came to college….

She was a fairly young beauty, only the tender age of eighteen. Her eyes held a small twinkle with the promises of new dreams set to be fulfilled along this path that she had taken. She felt overjoyed that she was now in a place where maybe, just maybe people might understand and accept her, as opposed to casting her out with the oddballs. She eagerly anticipated leaving behind the memories of loneliness, depression and overall difference that she felt among the people in her hometown. For a long time, it was as if she was suffocating in a setting that she had long outgrown

But now here she stood in this new place, this new city; a city painted in black and gold.

She called herself Rose most of the time, but every once in a while, someone would call out “Belle!” when she had her nose stuck in a book. Rose preferred to walk to class every single day to take in the scenery, and enjoyed going out dancing on the weekends. She especially loved the small joys that came with this new adventure in life, and wanted to soak up every minute of it.

Yet, not every day was full of fairy dust and magic. There came a period of time when some of her new friends began to stop talking to her and spending time with her. Not every one liked Rose, much to her confusion and dismay. Rose believed it was due to the fact that she walked with a slight limp, though I will tell you that is not the entire truth.

On two separate instances, Rose did have to deal with heartbreak, specifically with boys. She tried to keep it all under wraps and pretend that none of it hurt, but it wasn’t lost on those that genuinely knew her. Rose cared for both of those boys deeply enough to spark the possibility of romance, but to no avail. When it all came down to it, they simply did not care. They needed to know her heart in order to love her, but didn’t want to try. 

The most taxing part was attempting to hide her struggles from her family. Rose only spoke to them when she was in a positive mood; she preferred not to let on that this new journey was definitely more difficult than she had anticipated. Likewise, they got it out of her eventually. 

And so the hills and valleys continued through the heated months of summer and into the first couple of weeks into the second portion of her journey. Rose had known in her gut that troubled times were ahead, but wanted to stay as far away from them as possible, 

Unfortunately, the darkness found her anyway. On one particular night, it overwhelmed her so much that all she could do was sit on the floor and cry, her mother’s sentiments of “What happened to that happy, outgoing little girl that I used to know?” echoing in the back of her mind. 

And that is when she came to me, broken and scared. She felt as though she had lost sense of who she was; almost as though she had forgotten how to live. Listening to her, I understood what she was saying. She wasn’t completely messed up, but had become enraptured in so many superficial things that her true self had been buried underneath all that dirt. She’s not Rose, or even Belle, for that matter. She is Alyx. She is strong, loves deeply, and believes in the power of kindness. 

And somehow, she always finds her way.

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