Blogging At Its Best

Day 10-Writing

What was the best piece of writing you did in 2011?

I must confess that I did not write a whole lot in terms of fiction, other than the pieces I was assigned for my classes. However, those are not completely finished yet, so I don’t feel like I share them right now. 

On the other hand, I did do a lot of blogging; probably more than I have ever done since I started in June of 2009. 2011 was a very turbulent year and a lot of things happened; the writings and topics are very honest, emotional, and from my very core. You can find some of them under “My Favorite Posts” column.

Out of all them, there wasn’t one that I was more terrified, empowered, and moved to write more than the blog post about my thoughts and experiences on bullying, as well as how it has effected my life thus far. Until I wrote it, I don’t think my family knew a whole lot in regards to what had happened, and I was a little nervous about how they would react to it. Secondly, I had spoken very little of the subject to my high school friends, and not one friend that I had made in my freshman year of college had a clue. Would their perceptions of me change after that? Would they think I was making it up? It was the unknown aspect that was scary. 
So far, the reactions have been supportive. But as I said in the first entry, I didn’t write it just for my own sake. Bullying makes me so angry, and I have never been more led to stand up for a cause than for this one. I don’t understand how people can call it a “rite a passage” or worse, a “fact of life.” It is true that not everyone is going to like you, that is a fact. Yet, that does not mean a person deserves to have pain, torment, and misery inflicted upon them day in and day out. 
If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so. Although it is a popular topic in the blogosphere, please feel free to share it with those that you know. 
As my tagline says, if I cannot teach, then at least I can speak about what is on my heart. Writing and staying true to my beliefs are two concepts that stand center in my life, and I only hope my writing will continue to become deeper and more moving in the New Year.

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