Five On Five

Day 5-Five Things

1. What 5 things have you done for yourself in 2011?
-In the first part of 2011, I made the choice to get an apartment as opposed to staying in the dorms for another year. Was it right? Yes and no. I believe that I could have picked a better place to live, and it may not have emotionally been the best idea to live with the person I am living with. But I don’t regret it because I love having my own space and learning how to legitimately cook! There were other things that I started doing as well and would like to continue on into 2012. Specifically, sticking up for myself and asking for things when i need them, choosing to surround myself with good people, not being overly cautious and properly dealing with tough situations. 

2. What 5 things have you done for others?
-This is a tough one because a part of me isn’t sure as far as whether or not I did anything. I hope that I might have been able to make someone smile or laugh. That I might have cheered them up on a particularly bad day or made it a little brighter. And I hope that I might have inspired somebody, whether it be to let them know that accomplishing goals is not an impossible task, and/or how to live life a little bit more fully. 

3. What held you back from doing things for others?
-I was rather insecure and afraid of how they would take it; normally I’m able to tell when someone is going through a rough time, but I never wanted to pry or be overbearing. Yet at the same time I wanted to scream, “For both our sakes, can you please just let me be a friend and help you out?” It was really hard watching someone else struggle and having no idea what to do or if anything could be done.

4. What 5 things do you want to do for yourself in 2012
-Everything that I mentioned in the last sentence for question one and more. I want to have closer relationships, especially with my parents. I want to be able to better live out my core beliefs and values. I want to take better care of my body. I want to hone my craft and really get my writing out into the world. And I hope that through all of that, I become a more confident and respected person. 

5. What would you like to do for others in 2012?
-I want to really be there for someone and take care of them. I feel like a lot of the time I’m always the one being helped out and I would like to give back to my friends and family. I just wanted to feel not just needed, but wanted as well.

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