If Cinderella Can Do It…

Day 2-Whimsy

Whimsy: Recall a fairy tale-esque moment from 2011. An epic kiss? A triumphant victory? A Wonderland-esque adventure? How did this momentous or fanciful happening affect your outlook?

I wouldn’t exactly call this little adventure a fairytale-esque moment (or night, for that matter). In fact, it is probably one of the most dangerous and whimsy things a young woman can do; especially if you’re a young woman living in a college town. Despite all the things that could have easily gone wrong, it turned out to be one of the highlights of the semester, if not this year. And it taught me a lot about what one can learn if you just decide to take a chance. 

It was the first weekend of the school year, and the second weekend I had been back in town. I was looking forward to it  because I’d been spending a lot of time in my apartment unpacking and just being lazy. Up to that point, I had slowly begun to develop a case of cabin fever. I suggested to my roommate that we have a night on the town on Friday. Well, Friday rolled around and she made the whimsical decision to attend a wedding instead, leaving me to make different plans of my own. The way I saw it, I had two choices: stay inside my apartment for the umpteenth time and imagine what I might be missing, or throw caution to the wind, go out for a bit and see what would happen. It didn’t take too long for me to make a decision, despite it being incredibly irrational. 

Needless to say, it felt a little bit weird at first. For one, I wasn’t with anybody initially and the actual nightclub doesn’t open until eight o’clock (I had shown up about an hour beforehand). It was a little awkward at first, and not the first time I had been in that type of situation (I frequently went to high school dances on my own). For a moment, I considered heading back to my place and just watching a movie; yet, my intuition told me to stay put. 

A short while later, I was approached by a small group of people in the bar area (again, the dance floor still wasn’t open) and we chatted for a bit; I felt a little shy since I was alone, but they were all really nice and soon I became pretty comfortable. Plus,  I’m definitely not one to pass up an opportunity to meet new people. In the middle of all that, someone else walked in. 

Let me say this: He was definitely not Prince Charming (even though I don’t believe in such as it is). Although I would get into a serious relationship with him, I still found him very attractive and considered him a friend. Since the girls were leaving, I decided to stay with him and catch up for a bit. I even felt brave enough to ask him to dance. 

It wasn’t the greatest of moments, not in the least bit; I had to ask two more times and he seemed more focused on texting and the posse that he was with. Add “groupies” into the mix (my term for girls that try a little too hard to get a guy on the dance floor) and the effort was no longer worth it. I wasn’t there for a guy, but to just let loose a bit and have fun!

The rest of the night I pretty much just danced; so much in fact that I almost forgot that I had to leave by a certain time. By ten, I walked out drenched in sweat and with a bloody toe (note: never wear sandles; at least if you’re prone to getting your feet stepped on) but I ran into another friend and returned home safely. 

Again, I realize that in terms of safety, it was probably not the best decision. However, I gained a lot of confidence from doing so and was proud of myself for doing something because it made me happy. I learned that not all “fairytale” moments have to be romantic or even involve a guy; it can be wonderful simply because you let go of your inhibitions, and chose to make the most of whomever you were with. 

I also learned that I deserve better than someone who’s all talk and no follow through (this was the third time this kind of thing happened). Yes, some forget when they say they will do something, but I can only be forgiving up to a point. And if someone frequently makes you feel bad or uncomfortable when you’re around them, then maybe it’s time to let them go. Roller-coaster relationships (platonic or not) are unhealthy and not good for anyone.

Yes, she’s a fictional character; but if Cinderella can walk in glass shoes, wear a dress that she’s only tried on once, and show up completely by herself looking for a guy she’s never met…well, why in the hell can’t I do something a little crazy every once in awhile?

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