Original Lessons

If there’s one thing I know personally, it’s that I am a woman of words; I love posting quotes and sayings via Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else there is a space for some kind of encouragement. It annoys the living daylights out of some people, but the simple truth is that it’s just who I am. 

In fact, I often come up with little sayings of my own; it might be because I am a writer, or it might be because I am a thinker and always feel like there is something new to be learned every single day. I try to write them down, or at the very least get them stuck in my head to where I can’t forget about them. I am always coming up with something new, something profound; especially in terms of what I am going through right now. 

Some of these little snippets of advice may sound vastly cliche and/or incredibly similar to one another; but nonetheless, they help me to keep everything in perspective. 

Don’t let your everyday struggles keep you from being happy; smile until your face hurts, laugh until you can’t breathe, and love like you have absolutely nothing to lose.
Don’t allow the pain of your past to keep you from having joy in the future
The greatest things we’ll ever accomplish are often the things that go unrecognized
Sometimes you have to do things that scare the crap out of you, otherwise you’ll never get anywhere
The best accessory that anybody can wear is confidence
It’s one thing to have insecurities, but it’s another to let them get the best of you
Chances are, you’ll learn more from every day experiences then you will from any kind of textbook
They say good things come in small packages; well if I’m small, I want to be a diamond in the rough, the kind you can’t find anywhere else, you know? (This one is more or less about me and how I view myself)
Always surround yourself with people who bring out the absolute best in you; if they don’t, you might want to consider why you have them in your life
In order to be able to do something for someone else, you have to be able to do the same thing for yourself

You can blame society or circumstances for not being able to follow your dreams, but the only one that’s really holding you back is yourself. Nine times out of ten, you have to be the one to get off your ass and go get it yourself. 

Some days, this advice is extremely difficult to follow; but on most days, this is my motivator to be the absolutely best person that I can be and not to waste a day or even a moment. Hopefully this will do the same for anybody who reads this.

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