It’s The Little Things Part 2

Back in August, I did a post about the small things that I often take the time to appreciate around my home or near it. While I am back at school and once again enveloped in the throes of college life, that eagerness to soak everything in has not changed, especially in the midst of the current circumstances that I am working through. 

1. My Apartment Building-I have now fully accepted that our current living space was not the best of choices. However, I am grateful to have a place where I can relax but not feel entirely cramped or have to adhere to a strict set of rules. I can read in bed at night without keeping anyone else awake. I don’t have to shower in a tiny little stall. The best part is that it has this sort of cozy feel to it, which is what I wanted. 

2. My big (and insanely comfy) lounge chair-In reality, I can’t call it “mine” because it was originally my cousin’s. But dear Lord, it is probably the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on! I normally use it when I’m drinking coffee in the morning and/or catching up on TV shows that I miss. I plop on it right after I get back from classes, usually because I am exhausted. And I’ll read in it or watch TV before I go to bed each night.

3. Taking Walks Around The Neighborhood-I’m not one to grumble about the slight distance that my place is from campus. The way I see it, it just means I get more exercise, which I often don’t have a whole lot of time for during the week. I like to go walk around the block when I’m taking homework or study breaks, just to keep my mind from becoming completely fried. It’s especially nice at this time of year, with all the leaves and the colors. And while I’m thinking I should really enjoy it before winter sets in, I have a feeling that the cold weather isn’t going to stop me.

4. My Bedroom-I feel like my apartment bedroom is more “me” than the one that I have at home! I have quote posters all over the walls and more Disney stuff in there than probably anyone I know. ‘Nuff said right there.

5. Kuerig Coffee Maker-Coffee, or any type of caffine for that matter, will become one of your best friends when you get to college. This little one cup machine makes it even better, and it doesn’t hurt my wrist because I don’t have to pour anything.

6. My Backpack-I can honestly say that I get more remarks about how it’s too big for me, more than anything else. And admittedly it can be a pain in the neck to carry around, depending on how much I put in there. But it does have a lot of space and plenty of places to put stuff so I don’t have to cram everything into one huge pocket.

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