The Autumn Season

The temperature is slowly dropping; the air is becoming a bit more crisp and there’s that damp, leafy scent in the air. Aside from the obvious fact that September is drawing to a close, that can only mean one thing: the Autumn season has begun!

I used to always say the Summer was my favorite time of the year; it was always warm, I lived on a lake and went swimming almost every single day, among a half a dozen other things. Yet as I’ve gotten older, it almost seems like the concept of “summer” (i.e. wearing flip flops, drinking all the time, having flings with people you’ll never see again) was just big cliche filled with things that I was never really into. The whole “living is easy” never really applied to me; aside from fourth of July and family gatherings, it the living definitely wasn’t easy. This summer in particular, I felt rather disconnected from everything that I had become familiar with, and that was tough. 

And while Autumn means putting away the bikini’s and pulling out the jackets, I have to say that since I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to enjoy it more than any other season. Looking back on it, the months of October through December have been filled with some of the best memories that I have ever made. I would sound like a complete sap if I went into all the details, but they have a lot to do with the smallest of things; the kind of stuff that tends to get overlooked. 

Overall, Fall has always been that kind of cozy time-period for me; the kind where you want to just throw on a pair of sweatpants and wrap yourself up in a blanket kind of cozy. There has always been that sort of closeness with friends and family as well; where I feel like I’m either getting to know people for the first time, or getting to know them all over again. 

Lately I’ve been so busy with schoolwork and what not; I feel rushed, as though I need to get something done by a certain point in time. Or, it’s like there isn’t enough time to do everything. I realize that’s kind of the way life is; in retrospect, it never really slows down or stops. You have to be able to do that yourself, which is what I’m hoping to do. 

I know that I sound like I’m completely romanticizing just a normal change in nature. Yet, I’m also the type of person that likes to appreciate my surroundings and where I’m at, regardless of where it may be.

 I will probably be complaining in a month or two about wanting the warm weather back. But for now, I’m going to enjoy it and soak in whatever I can.

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