A Few Fix-Up’s

I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent in regards to how often I blog on here; at times I say that I’ll do it twice a week, but lately it’s been turning to one or none, depending on what’s going on for that day.That’s what happens when life keeps you busy from six in the morning until close to midnight. But I much rather prefer that then sitting around my apartment being bored out of my mind.

 In any case, I’ve made a few changes around here; I gave my layout a bit of a make-over to sort of go with the approaching fall season, as well as the fact that I was sort of getting tired of my current layout. It seemed a little too for me. I wanted to give it a more toned-down feel. 

I also added a new section on the right entitled “My Favorite Posts.” Granted, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but these are the posts that I put a lot of thought into and have mainly been the reason why I started blogging in the first place. There are those that I included because I believed that they were extremely well-written and showcased my writing ability. Some are included because even though the topic was a bit difficult, I thought it resonated very well with me and could do the same for many others. 

Mostly though, it is for those who are new to reading this and may not necessarily want to go back all the way to the beginning; I did that in trying to choose what posts to include, and admittedly some of my older stuff made me cringe (yet I think every writer does that- they go back to what they’ve written in the past and ask themselves “what the heck was I thinking?”).

The list will probably be added to or changed around as I continue to write. Actually, I have a lot of thoughts and ideas swimming around, so hopefully I can post a few new things within the next couple of weeks. It is more or less setting aside the time to do it. 

Until then, if you’ve just come across this blog, feel free to look around. For the long-time readers, catch up on anything you missed. I’ll be back soon.

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