Stream of Consciousness #8

I just finished with my Meaning of Life (Philosophy) midterm a couple of hours ago; surprisingly enough, I did not go into a panic, nor did I blank out on anything. It was the first time I realized just how good skipping out on certain weekend activities can be, especially when I have a huge test approaching. Instead, I saw Tangled with two of my best friends (one Thursday night and one Friday night) with study sessions in between. Personally, it’s one of the best Disney movies that I’ve seen in a long time; it makes me feel somewhat sad, considering it’s the last princess movie (apparently they’re struggling with knowing what age group to market the movie to, and they’re running out of ideas. Umm…how about a Snow White or Sleeping Beauty sequel? Or maybe they’ve noticed how sequels really aren’t that good these days).

Now it’s on to conquering Spanish…

In my last post I wrote about things that I have been struggling with personally during the last three or four months; I can’t say that I’ve been the best at it, but I finally got to writing a lot of things down in my personal journal; things that I would never go into such detail about on this blog. It was liberating, finally being able to admit to certain happens or feeling a certain way about something. I used to think just writing something down never helped and that I always had to talk to someone about it. Yet, when you really don’t know how to talk about it, what do you do exactly?

Not only did I feel liberated, but I also felt at peace; I had formally acknowledged aspects about myself that pushed away for a long time, as well as how I was feeling about some specific situations. No, not that my life sucks, because that’s not true. I’ve just been a little stressed for quite some time and I’ve never been all that good at coping with it, more so coping with it in a healthy way.

Right now it’s figuring out how to deal with various, shall I say predicaments, that have been going on for the past few months. I’ve realized that maybe it’s best to put them on the backburner for now, only because I really do need to focus on school and doing well in my classes. It’s very frustrating, knowing what I want to do in regards to those situations and knowing what needs to be done, at least for right now. The hardest part is not only putting specific things out of my mind for a period of time, but making sure that they don’t have a negative effect on what I need to be focusing on.

One day at a time, I keep telling myself One day at a time…

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