Not Your Usual V-Day Post

Last night we had a “cheesy love poem” poetry reading for my floor; and instead of writing about my usual thoughts pertaining to love and romance, I thought I would share what I read last night. I was debating on doing an entire blog post about this, but than I decided it would sound better when written as a poem. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with Valentine’s Day, per say, but it very much involves romance and a dream that I’ve had for a very long time.

That Yellow Dress

Sunshine-bright and satin-like
That yellow dress it was
A princess type that I envisioned to be
To wear it on a late spring evening
The night of my junior prom

Peace and serenity I feigned
When trying to find a date
There was only one man’s hand I wanted to hold
Yet out of fear, I asked too late

And so I went with positivity
My dream currently set aside
A lone princess dancing carefree
Twirling with laughter
Yet there was no denying the absence of joy from my eyes

That yellow dress, a princess dress
Tucked away for two years in a deep sleep
Still my wish to have that dance, I longingly so keep

Perhaps someday, I wonder when
A man will take me in his arms
Whether it be beneath the moonlit sky or disco lights
I’ll be wearing that yellow dress again

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