Normally, I’m not one to post poetry on here; I usually only write poetry when I’ve had something on my mind for quite awhile, and for the life of me have absolutely no clue how to talk about it. There are others that I’ve posted in the past, which you can read here. There aren’t very many of them, but it’s nice to blog about it on occasion. 

I wrote this for multiple people, which is the reason for putting a certain amount of space between the stanzas. Each stanza is for a different person and a different reason, but they all sort of tie in to the idea of wanting to do something but not knowing how to make it happen. As sappy as this sounds, I miss actually being able to talk with people face to face, rather than doing it through text or on the computer. Granted neither has to happen all the time, but a little balance would be nice. 

Reach You

We’ve been apart for a long time
We see each other once in awhile
Making plans without promises, but something always gets in the way
Every time we try

When the phone calls go unanswered
And you say “there wasn’t time”
It leaves me wondering if this sort of mountain is really worth the climb
Especially when all I want is just to reach you

Ever since I met you, I’ve been filled with curiosity
I usually have a skill at picking out characteristics
Yet I find you hard to read
I’d like to know who you really are, what you think and what you believe
However, there’s that same old fear
That at some point you will leave
Still I want to know you

In the beginning, I envisioned us being the very best of friends
You took care of me and you accepted me as I am
When a stupid boy came crashing in and took us both by surprise
The walls went up and the gap between us seemed like a mile wide
Although we don’t always understand each other’s actions or words
There’s no denying that I miss you

I’m not looking toward tomorrow or what may happen later on
Just wishing for a little time
For you and I
A prayer that I have prayed for so long
If only I could reach you

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